Hey, at least we made the Playoffs ...

not surprisingly though, no one seems excited.

The next few weeks will be the true test for our team.

Personally Im excited. We really have the tools to win it all. The playoffs are another season. And as Al Pacino said in Any Given Sunday,

"On any given Sunday etc etc".

Ya....That means we get one more game than the argos and riders. :thdn:

I will bet you 50$ CAD, that we will have more than 1 game than the wrecks and greensocks.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

"On any given Sunday etc etc? " :?

Too bad the speech impediment Al Pacino's character had

short circuited the point he was trying to make, Alexander.

It was probably a good one. :smiley: :oops:


:wink: I couldn`t resist. My apologies for ``funning you, Alexander. `

We're excited but right now it feels a bit like a guy winning a golf tournament because the runner up missed a 6 inch putt. Meaning right now I don't think a lot of fans believe, truly believe, this team can make it to the GC.

Regardless, the fans will be eagerly tuning in during the playoffs in the hopes that the Cats can pull off the upset during the playoffs as we will most likely be the underdogs..

And what better way to win than to beat the heavily favored enemy? :thup:
It just makes the meat taste that much sweeter. 8)

We have been hit hard by injuries lately on both Offense and defense.
I expect Obie to be airlifting players in constantly.
Since we have clinched and moving up seems almost impossible ,we have time to try some of these new players and see if they can help over the next 3 games.
Obie is really going to have to work his magic!

I am happy that we have made the playoffs for the 3rd straight year!

I wish I could see it at Ivor Wynne, but to be honest maybe this team needs to go on the road and be the under-dog in the playoffs.

The last 2 years we held the game and have been the favorite and hyped up the game only to be disappointed with loses by the road team.

I hoping that this team can do the same, and send the home team packing and we can celebrate a big road victory in the playoffs!

You are a DREAMER! I would take that bet if there was half a chance I could collect. :thdn: :thdn:



The odds of Running the Gauntlet all the way to grey cup from 3 place
it is Very unlikely
it's not been done since the 1970's

I don't think they can win In Montreal and if there lucky to get past Montreal
They not beat Winnipeg at all ..

we still haven't lost second place as of yet, and we won the GC in 1986 with a second place Eastern finish.
(am I being positive or just inane?) :?

Earl: Yeah...but who knows? It's the hope that keeps us all as fans...no matter what the sport. :slight_smile:

Just to give you a bit of perspective, I and millions like me were thoroughly happy and jubilant for the runners up to erroneously field 13 players on the last play.

Maybe a road playoff game is best: the last 2 home playoffs didnt work out too well.

Go Cats!

Making the playoffs does not say much for the team. Only two teams get eliminated in the long exhibition season, then you win three games and they give you the cup. Playoffs should be reduced with only the good teams invovled. Seems silly that a team with a less than 500 record can be playing in playoffs.

With Winnipeg winning are we out of any chance for home playoff game?


It'll be one and done....again...

For a new twist on things,this years early playoff exit will be done on the road!!!

You're missing the point Defense. Tbink bow much of an embarrasement it is missing the playoffs is in a league where 6 out of 8 make the playoffs compared with a league where roughly half don't make it. I'm no math major but I can figure out what pressure is then. And it sure isn't the league where half make it.

Championships won, same math pressure in an 8 team league. Pressure is on a teamin an 8 team league to win one every 8 years, in a 30 team league, no pressure, just win every 30 years.