hey,als fans!

watching ham 27 at mtl 24,4mins. left in 3rd.It sure is a different game when calls are made where deserved.Don't tell me ham is better than Wpg.Could'nt believe it when announced mtl got its first holding call of this season!

This again?

please stop whining (edited)...hamilton had a good game period.....was a good game all around..

Wow !....just wow !!

Judging by the way they played tonight, I would say that Hamilton is slowly gelling into a better team than Winnipeg.

Oh BTW, did you see the way a professional team handles being on the wrong side of the penalty total. No panic, no frustration, no coaches going crazy, just go back out there and do what you've gotta do. I hope WPG was watching cause they can certainly learn a lesson from this game.

im glad someone brought this up. this proves a point about the als. they can play against the refs and any team in the league. Hamilton got maybe 4 penalties all game and the als got a lot more and yet still came out on top. They never paniced, never lost their cool, never flipped anyone off.

The great teams find ways to win while the mediocre teams find excuses for losing

Montreal sucks

Winnipegs coach went wild because the refs are bush....maybe if some calls went both ways the game would of been even

Agreed! Now there is class!

Ref hater What a unique name!
It must of taken you all week to come up with that one! :lol:
Got to be a low class bomber fan! :lol: Your team is not good enough! Maybe you should be concerned! Espically that Hamilton is no longer a push over!

The same thing happened to the als but Matthews did not flip anyone off. On top of that hte als won despite all the penalties they got tonight

Mada good football teams do that! Win regardless of the circumstances! Cough unlike a team we all know! :lol:

I gotta say, despite the difference in penalty totals, it was a rather well reffed game. Can't think of too many blatant missed calls.

Really there is no perfect ref's no matter what sport! Good teams over come adversity! The Bombers coaches came unglued and this effects the performance of their team.
You have to hand it to the Tiger Cats they played well in the last two games.

I can think of two. Anderson that ball that the refs said he didnt. From where i was sitting I could see him clearly catch the ball and take an extra step (aka a football action)and should have been ruled a catch.

Also when the als receiver got knocked to the ground that should have been pass interference

Even before the ruling came back no catch, I knew it would not be overturned, because it appeared to me like the ball was moving ever so slightly while he was going down. Maybe it wasn't, but since it has to be indesputable evidence, I figured there was no way the call gets overturned.

As for the pass interference, I think that was one of those plays that was so close that we have a vaild complaint that it wasn't called, but had it been called, Ti-Cats fans would have had a valid complaint as well. It really did look like their legs got tangled. The DBs hand may have been on the receiver's back, but there is no way to tell how big a part it played in his falling down. And before I saw a replay (which the refs don't have access to) my first instinct was incidental contact.

I thought Hamilton deserved a better fate in this one, but it was an exciting game to watch. Hamilton is getting better with each outing, and the Bombers and their fans better not take this team lightly.