Hey All Im Back..

hey ticats.ca members! jus incase you guys have been wondering where ivebin the past week or so, ive bin in the hospital recovering from 3 stab wounds in my back, maby some of you read abuot it in the hamilton spec. i was wtaching the game on thursday in the hospital and my heart rate jumped to 128 in the dieing 2 minutes of the game! it was a good one i wish we would have came out with a win but oh well, it kept me goin all night, neways people im going to let you guys go and keep on beleivin'n the ticats! there much better then there record!

p.s #21 Jason Goss Is Wicked@!


right then... wow.

good luck to ya pal

id say

Speedy Recovery, Blitz21 !

Wow!....I do recall hearing something about that on the news.....sounds like you're ok though!....Good Luck on your continued recovery!


Welcome back! :rockin:

Why were you stabbed ?

becuz people have no respect, some we were at a nightclub and a bunch of people got into a scuffle and then they guy hit my girlfriend in the face and i lost it.. and it all happend to fast to remeber..

I'm glad I'm generally broke and can't afford to go out to nightclubs/bars....too many dangerous weapons out there these days..


What ever happened to the old days where people took it into the alley for an old fashioned "punch-up", somebody won the scrap and it was over....and the worst thing that happened was a bloody nose and a bruised ego.....

careful out there "Blitz" !.....take the lady to "The Keg" next time.... :wink:

again, I'm glad you're ok.... :thup:

haha, thanks mikey, ill make sure i do that :slight_smile:

Here's a fan who takes the expression "Cardiac Kids" very seriously :slight_smile:
Here's to a full and speedy recovery!! :thup:

Get well soon.
I'm just glad i'm not in the bar scene anymore. Too many cowardly pricks around who wont stand up and be a real man.
Anyways get well and be careful out there

Hey buddy, good to hear you're doing well, and I hope you get back to 100% right away. But it was kinda cool that you could get an accurate heart rate reading during the game. I'd like to borrow your machine sometime.

it just gos to show you the world today, people carry a knife like its pocket change its discusting!

Blitz21 take it easy and recover soon! :slight_smile:

Wow that's terrible. I'm very glad you're ok and it's great to have you back.

my friends found the article on the incodent .. jus if ne1 cares to take a look lol..

and thanks to you all for being so kind and caring.

Go Cats


People are jerks nowadays. Its sad but true. Theres always trouble going down at baranga's. I've been there where there been huge fights of over 40 people. Hope you get better pal. what kind of loser uses a knife? I hope you got the better of him in the end.

yeh well go figure last time i was there nothing good was made of it, then im sittin at home n decide well illgo there and see what its like now, and so be it! its the same as last time, i would suggest to people if your looking for a good time, barangas sint the place to br, unless your looking for trouble and no security, the bouncers there are brutal.

lets all just go to some ticat games! lol

The bouncers are brutal there too, to hear some tell it :wink:

pfft,,, ticats games,, who goes to those nowaday...
lol jk! oski wee wee!