Hey All Im Back!

well im not to sure if i mentioned i was leaving for a week, but i did, and i had no internet acces!. i was campin! anyways can anybody whos bin around let me know if ive missed anything important latley! and if anything for tonights game is going on, injuries, roster moves ect… if you could let me know what ivemissed fromsunday til today that wuld be awsome!

i wanna know the details!thanks!


ok so montford signed back in edmonton... odd.

glad to see you gave yourself the details...

You also missed the 'who's going to be fired next thread'.

i jus picked up my hamilton spectator.. lookslike marshal!

Welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed camping. You didn't miss much except a whole lot of complaining. :smiley: Oh yeah and Cotton is playing tonite. You're all caught up :wink:

Where'd that one go?

oh yay

That's what I'd like to know? I guess Bob couldn't get Mikey and Zontar to calm down.

tough ganme.. defence i though did good offence though.. man

What did you miss ????

How about your last few years of spelling tests. Please try to to read over what you post and correct what you are posting. It can be brutal.

I do at times enjoy reading/disciphering what you are trying to say but with your spelling and grammer you come across as someone in grammar school aged about 8-10.

Help us to understand you !!!! as we are trying to understand why the Tabbies are still headed for a perfect season.

Thanks Blitz