Hey - A meaningful home game at the end of October!

I’m going to hold off on the complaints and bashing and negativism for now. We actually have a home game in late October at Frank Clair that means something.

I’m going to assume BC will beat Sask in 2 weeks; so we just need to go 2-2 in these last 2 home games and we’re in. Its just a matter of getting hot. Remember Calgary won the cup in '01 with an 8-10 record.

Montreal got waxed on Saturday, they’ll be coming in a little low; On Nov.5th Toronto will have already clinched home field, so they may be resting their starters (although that didnt go so well for the gades in Hamilton)

Everything has to come together but stranger things have happened.

With the usual load of Als fans coming to the game should be a decent crowd and atmosphere. And, we always play well at home against the Als, for some reason.

I bought tickets to the last two games in anticipation of this scenario. After we had five wins, I still wasn't optimistic. For next season, the Gades need:

  1. A better head coach - Paopao is a nice guy, but he's had four seasons...
  2. A better O line - they can't protect Joseph or open lanes for Ranek
  3. A better punter - 40 yard average just doesn't cut it in the CFL
  4. A better punt returner - we need a BIG NAME
  5. Better recievers - we only have two top guys...

Yep, a major overhaul

And the bottom line, the team needs to define its character. The Renegades still don't stand for anything. Are they a big play team? Do they gind it out? Is it all about the passing? Or do they run the ball with ferocity? Get my picture.
When I think of the Gades, I think of an underfunded underdog.

Excellent High_Five... Nice to have you on board... It's going to be an excelled day today for football - sunny and cool.

Tell me... are you signing on for next year taking advantage of the 2 for 1 special?

For this to happen... 4 switches have to be thrown:
Edmonton beat BC – check
Ottawa beat Montreal – find out at 6pm today
Ottawa beat Toronto – find out next week
BC beat Sask – find out next week
Gades in the Playoff… SWEEEEEEEET

it's over folks

Please save us the misery and fold this team now.

why fold them for? just because they didn't make the playoffs? c'mon, get real and give your head a shake. Your type is not wanted, so just hop off the bandwagon and don't hurt yourself when you do.

My "type" has sat through 26 years of Ottawa losing football !!! After growing up watching Frank Clair, Russ Jackson, Ron Stewart, Tony Gabriel, it is very hard to accept losing every years. The Gades have been around for 4 seasons and have still not made the playoffs and the jokers running the team don't llok like they are going to change this trend. So, my well of patience is empty. I cannot take any stand watching idiots clear the talent out and start over every season like the Ottawa Rough Riders of the 1980s and 1990s. and I am sick and tired of it . Rather than suffer throught this every year, I would rather see them fold. So like a sick animal, take them out of their misery.

26yrs - me too.

But ORR, you've been posting all year here. I know you are a frustrated fan... Me too. But you don't mean that...

But they do need to find the right people and they also need to keep the right people... Wholesale changes... Don't think so. They need to bring in the right support to complement.

It's normal that we're pissed off. This was supposed to be the season be in the playoffs.

I'm pissed off as much as anyone is, but lets face it, if the Gliebs didn't take over, we wouldn't have CFL football at all, for the 2nd time, and i wouldn't see them returning ever again. Watters made sure that he screwed us before he left, and basically, this past season was the management trying to pick up the pieces of the mess that Watters made.