Hey 120db , an idea for you

Instead of hanging your usual famous(or is that infamous) NOISE sign ,why don't you toss that one out. And then make yourself a new sign that reads "1040 $UCKS" and hang that up instead . Now wouldn't your buddy Patterson be pi$$ed if he heard about that ? Only make sure you put in an "S" instead of a "$" .

Ummm, good idea, but BC Place Security might take offense to that kind of sign. And I'll bet Team 1040 will have security take it down.

Why don't YOU make that banner?

Because 1.your our banner expert 2.you got a real beef with 1040 3.you got a beef with Pattereson 4.you're looking for banner ideas 5 . I'm no good at banners. :cowboy:

nope, you make the banner. You suggested the idea, I'm holding you to it, you make the banner.

The cardboard sheets you can get at London Drugs. Make sure they're white and paint on the shiny side. Black paint you can get at Home Depot. A pint should do.

My banner comes in 6 sections, numbered, so I know exactly the order when I hang them on the railing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I wouldn't want it ending up saying !ESION I'm good at it now; last hang took 15 minutes.

So you make a NOISE! banner, okay? Please? I need other fans to pitch in please.

See point One and five in my post. :cowboy:

I think you should at least make an effort. No guts no glory