He's Gotta Go, Time for Hugh Cambell to Retire..

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all I can say is, thank GOD someone finally spoke up in this city!!

He’s right, time to go!

Almost everyone in Edmonton wants Cambell gone. He was out vacationing in the us during the labour day game, and he continually stands up for danny maciocca and his retarded decisions. Good bye campbell, campbell jr. and maciocca, its time for some new management, and a new coaching staff!

I had a great laugh when TSN interviewed Cambell and Cambell said everything was good and the Eskimo losing season was all luck. More specifically it was BAD LUCK. And he even questioned that anyone who thought it was the players or the George Constanza group of coaches that did not know anything about BAD LUCK in football or was not in football as long as Cambell.

I'm sure Cambell put alot of thought into this BAD LUCK theory. Obviously there must be a source of this BAD LUCK. The BAD LUCK source must not be players of the coaches so where or what is the source. The only thing that is invloved in every Eskimo loss has been a football. Many Cambell figures all this BAD LUCK is because the CFL has unlucky Eskimo footballs.

I'm sure Cambell and his George Constanza head coach both agree it is just BAD LUCK. Can't be ablility must be BAD LUCK

Campbell is always vacationing down south, shouldn't he be working with the team? Isn't vacation time after the season is over? Obviously paying this guy too much money.

WOW ....... 1 bad year in 34 and look what happens ......... Who won the Grey Cup last year??????

Doesn't matter you MUST win every year in Edmonton. Last year is old news.

pretty sad ..the Schmoes finally got the horse shoe taken outta there arses ...The evil Empire is crumbling ..seriously :wink: ... 34 years is pretty awesome you really think it could have gone on forever????