He's Back

Rumor has it, Duncan O'Mahony will replace Burke Dales in the Stampeder line up for the upcoming BC game. O'Mahony couldn't be reached for comment. :wink:

probably couldn't find him pigseye....could be lost somewhere between Van. and cowtown... :roll:

As crazy it sounds, it might actually be true papa. We should know shortly.

On an unrelated topic, the sale of mind-altering antidepressants took an unexpected spike in Calgary this week.....

So the CFL home page confirms it.

Does this mean Dales and one of their Import receivers are being packaged up in a deal to get some NI depth on that team ? It's no secret the Stamps were sorely lacking in NI depth on defence from day one of tc and Ma Barker sat idly by, oblivious to the crisis now staring him straight in that lumpy form of his.

I don't understand that move in Calgary either. I thought Dales is a much better kicker than O'Missy.

Maybe the Stamps like Duncans smokes!

....maybe maybe Piggy, but do you have proof barker sat by and did nothing?....or was there nothing he could do?....

....Sporty, according to the article Dunc apparently has better ball placement than Dales....although I am puzzled by the move too...

There's never nothing that can be done. You go and draft or trade or sign free agent Canadians and get better depth. I don't follow CGY that closely - other than Thelwell and Lazeo, did he do anything to bolster Canadian talent?

...you make it sound so easy Artie that there is just Canadian talent lined up down the block waiting to climb aboard...its no question Higgins and Barker played a risky game of riding the edge on the ratio and now, with them unable to come to terms with Napastuk late in the lead up to TC, that we are seeing the affects of that ratio tighrope act...

Identifying what needs doing is easy. Doing it is hard. The difference between the two is supposed to be why they are paid professionals and I jabber about on a message board.

But saying it's too hard is a cop out. I should know, we've put up with that same mentality in SK for 20 years. Why else would Stew Fraser have been the unchallenged punt returner for most of my formative years?

I have more respect for your other statement, that they took a calculated risk by cutting it thin on Canadian depth to pay for high-priced import talent, or whatever. That's a decision they are paid to make.

To say there was nothing we could have done even if we wanted - I don't buy it.

To clarify that a little - I have some sympathy for saying that there’s not much that can be done NOW…because clearly available Canadians at this time of the year are scarcer than free agent running backs in my NFL Fantasy league.

When I said draft or sign or trade for…I meant in the off-season, perhaps into the pre-season. During that time, teams have some options.

I would agree that now, they got what they got in terms of Canadian talent.

...but the reality is we (you and I and everyone) have no idea what went on behind closed doors, higgins and barker could've gone into the regular season with fingers crossed because every opportunity to increase the ratio did not work, we simply don't know.....We kinda blew this topic off course, lets discuss in the rambo thread...

I am a Bomber fan and I could never figure out why Calgary traded us a starting Canadian O-lineman for a starting American O-lineman this offseason. I am thrilled we made that deal!

That’s just Taman doing what he does best. Looks like he schooled Lumpy on that one.