holy crap..did armstrong have himslef a game today or what..ever since hes been here hes had 70+yards every game..he is that possesion type receiver that the bombers have been missing..if the bombers sign him long term LOOK OUT..with cavil and brazzell playing good games today..and with stegall back next week, holy crap, look out calgary

He was a keeper in 2002 too before he bolted to the NFL. That year he was in the league in receiving and was an all-star.

It was quite obvious to us fans who saw him then that he would do quite well upon his return to the CFL.

...Taman was shrewd in signing this guy...I don't know if he's gonna be around next year...but if he is...we may have found a great receiver ..in the class of Milt...Derick Armstrong.....definitely a KEEPER... :thup:

Pappa shrewd, smart, brilliant does not belong in a sentence with the name Taman.

yes those words arent good enough

Derrick Armstrong is too good to be in the CFL, he could make a lot of NFL teams. Philly for example... The Vikings as well

He only signed one-year, plus an option so he can take one more kick at the NFL.
I believe he needs a few more games to get the pension, which is certainly worth it, plus the cash won't be bad as he gets an automatic pay raise...of course it is partially the pay raise that got him cut in the first place.
But the Bombers wisely took the chance he'll be back in the NFL next year.
Now if he gets cut again, he will be Bomber property next year.

I thought Taman was near the end of his rope last year, and they only retained him because starting to build from scratch in the Grey Cup year likely was not very appealing.
But this has probably been his best year as GM and he deserved the extension he signed.

I'll disagree with whomever thinks Cavil will make your recieving corp better.
I'll predict he will be cut in camp next year--if they even bring him back.
Brazzel always prospers if he has quality guys around him, so he'll be okay if Milt and Armstrong are both back.
By himself, he isn't worth spit.

...i dunno....Cavil looked pretty good yesterday.... made some nice catches...didn't care for his taunting of the Ham. bench...but i guess he has an axe to grind....Armstrong is looking at staying with the Bombers long-term...i believe he has secured an nfl pension ...but who knows...He's a great talent...and could just as easily go back to the no-fun-league.... :roll: :roll:

Armstrong has been down south long enough in years to get the pension, but it is decided by games played, not years, so I think he might be a few games short.
I am not sure.
If he can catch on again, I think the coin for his tenure is something like 6 or 7 hundred thousand per year(might be more), so he'll have to consider that compared to the 180 Canadian he will make with the Bombers.
Tenure and pension may be decided the same way, in which case, i guess he might have the pension.
Either way, he is capable of playing in the NFL. It will be about finding the right fit.
Or he can stay in Winnipeg and be a star!

I am not particularly high on Cavil. No surprise.
He is on his third team in 3 years, and he hasn't done much in Winnipeg as of yet.
He is likely young enough to resurrect his career, I just wouldn't bet on it. Remember, he likely only played because Milt is out. But maybe he'll take advantage of the opportunity.

Where would honestly rather play? In he great CFL game, or in the much more lucrative NFL?? I say NFL, just for finacial security, and you you could help your family out too... If he has a chance at making the NFL next year, then of course he is gonna bolt, especially after he has previously done it. As much as I like YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO Murphy, I think i would rather have had Eric Tillman sign Derrick Armstrong... If Roy wasnt fired, then i guaruntee you that he would be wearing green and white once again. Could you imagine that? Without a doubt the Riders would have had the best receiving corps...

cavil hasn't done much in wpg??? let's see in 1.5 games he has 7 catches 107 yards and two touchdowns. what do you expect from a guy?? he has played very well in the peg and will easily take the # 3 receiver position after stegs and armstrong.

Unless Taman lets him go like he did with Geory Simon! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Remember Papa, Remember what R&W2005 said about Taman in the same sentence as Shrewd! :wink:

...i mean in this ONE instance,,,shrewd,,,,of course the jury is still out on a few of his previous moves....but you can't deny him on this one...latest on Armstrong is that he's going to work out with Milt..and pick-up a few pointers for his game...seems he likes to be in good shape and also like being knowledgeable... :wink: :thup:

Armstrong looks like a pritty good reciever, nothing special.

Armstrong has been to the NFL and has also been a premier receiver in the CFL twice ( previous with sask). I guess you'll learn how good he is this saturday when the stamps get run over by my bombers

Yeah, nothing special.
All he has done in his 3 games so far is set a pace which if extended over a full seasonwould see him catch 140+ passes and 1700+ yards.
But nothing special.

The guy is an outstanding receiver.
Better than Copeland at least....

Yup, I've been pretty impressed with Armstrong...good name for a receiver. :slight_smile:

Better name for a QB :stuck_out_tongue: