He's a hybrid

I was listening yesterday to espn radio the "HERD" colin cowerd show, and he was talking about how reggie bush is a hybrid back (some reporter wrote that he was a big bust) and how us "guys" like to put everything in a nice neat little box ie. the pro-type qb, so-so is a classic back. And also that people have a hard time with athletes that can perform but in different ways like M. Vick or V. Young, or r. Bush. And it hit me that is the case with R. Williams. He has a great arm, he has much better wheels than the average NFL qb (and CFL) but at 6'3'' and 190 lbs. he is not the classic qb size. Couple that with the fact of your HC's generation, Richie's just enough different that may help explain why he hasn't gotten more play by now considering how bad that position has performed during the past two seasons. By the way, during the end of Richie's last season at ASU many of the opposing coaches and media called Richie the next Vince Young. Also did any of you guys see where Kevin eakin got cut last night by Buffalo?

Do you post about anything else?

By the way, during the end of Richie's last season at ASU many of the opposing coaches and media called Richie the next Vince Young.
Okay I'm confused. How could Richie be the 'next' Vince Young when they are the same age and left college at the same time?

If Richie can win in Peg he can call himself the next Warren Moon or whoever he wants good fans, Ill buy it.

Another reason that Williams may not have gotten a tonne of playing time in the last while may have to do with his first start in 2006. Unfair maybe, but a lot of back-ups in this league get judged quickly, before having a real chance to learn. Anyway, he stank in all the ways he could, then.

Appfan - I was listening to "the herd" as well but I don't see how you can make the comparison but I see what you're saying. I think the point Cowherd was trying to make is Bush isn't your typical pound it into the line RB he works much better in space on on the edge. As for Richie being the next VY umm unless you mean the 1 AA version I think you're way off. I like the progress Richie has made. I was a non believer earlier in the year but he has shown that he's able to make the right decisions and he's able to make plays. He's done a great job in his opportunities this year.

Then he'd be in the NFL. Move on.

Yes because the NFL has never made scouting mistakes before.

Anyways with Reggie Bush he totally is a bust, the guy is scared to run inside and is by far the most over hyped player to ever come out of college.

Good afternoon gentlemen let me respond to a few of you. First, in4td- the point was/is that VY was tall and lanky-- not your classic drop-back passer just the same way RW is hence "hybrid." ockham, what's your deal? RW got hurt in his second to last game couldn't really train for the NFL camps and got a three day tryout w/ Chicago. He will probably get his chance in a year or two. drexel- RB will avg. 80-120 yds. per game and do thru the run, pass receiving, not counting his punt return yardage. THis is what it means to be a hybrid!!!


Keep things in perspective. We all wish the best for Williams. He’s a great person and athlete. But you have to keep in mind the bigger picture. He’s backing up Casey Printers for now and that’s just where he should be. Not too many QBs come into the CFL from NCAA and win starting jobs.