Hervey retired

a truely sad day in Edmonton sports and eskimo's history

the flags in Edmonton shoulde be brought down to half mast

Half mast? A bit drama-queenish, don'tcha think? He's retired, not dead.....

Best of luck, Hervey....thanks for the highlight reels.

This is too bad. I really liked Hervey. The guy is a true class act. I have met him a few times at a few different grey cups. My brother lives in Edmonton and he sees him out sometimes, and they always bullsh each other about the riders and esks.

i say half mast because the guy that always answered the hard questions when we lost, hes the leader and its a leader we lost. its realy to bad

again should be said he retired, and is still part of their organization.

Ricky lost one of his better targets, should make their camp more interesting.

I liked Hervey too. I thought he had at least 2-3 years left.

Esks will miss him!

Class act, but his production had dropped over the past few years due to injury and age. This was the right time for him to go.

Agree, a truly class athlete in an era where there are not many.
But, the question remains "did he jump or was he pushed"?

argotom since you are such a class poster ill tell you lol.

it was mostly him knowing its time, he was given two jobs 1.) as the eskies west coast scout 2.) as a comunity personal thing lol

and he said on the radio thats the 2 jobs he has will set him up for 5-6-7 years. and he said why would i play 2 at the most season's when ive already won 2 grey cups and played on some great teams, since he has such a wonderfull oppertunity with this new job. and plus i love the guy to death but he was breaking down

Whether he was nudged into retirement, or did so completely voluntarily, I'm glad that he is remaining with the Eskies in some capacity. He is an excellent spokesperson for the team, and a class act all around.

A classy guy for sure and good to see him staying on with the organization and still involved in the league. I cant say Im not glad to see him hangem up though.:slight_smile:

Sad day in Edmonton that his days as a receiver are now over. He was one of my favourite receivers over the past few years for the team. I’m very happy that the organization has still held on to him in some capacity. IMO he picked a good time in his career to retire, not overdoing it and playing till his performance is decreasing significantly. Thanks for everything Hervey, and I wish you the best.

I liked watching ed

Mixed emotions here, glad for Hervey but a sad day for the Eskimos as former great Bill Stevenson passed away today.

As a Stamps fan - awesome news, hearing Hervey retired :smiley: Which is really one of the highest forms of respect for an athlete ... Sounds like he was a good guy, too. Very talented, for sure.

Sad about Bill Stevenson, though. I must admit I don't recognize the name, but nevertheless it is still unfortunate news.

Bill Stevenson was an awesome D-lineman, one of the best ever, one could be forgiven for not recognizing the name because he was kind of a quiet guy and was hiding in the mega-talented group that was the mid 70's Eskimos. One line in his resume says it all though.....7 Grey Cup rings, awesome.

Sad to see Hervey go but at the same time Im glad he is retiring now as opposed to mark messiering around for another 5 years as a shadow of the player he was. It will be interesting to see how the esks try to fill his shoes maybe woodcock or gaylor will be able to step up and be the deep threat opposite tucker or maybe theyll find some unknown at training camp.

Also good for the esks for hanging on to him in some other cpaacities. A few years down the road maybe they can talk him into being a receivers coach