Hervey calling out Elimimian

No doubt he was being asked but he needs to be careful about saying too much.

Gonna say he tossed a little gas on the fire. Will be good for ticket sales if nothing else.

Sask will be going after Reilly big time.

Curious whose side the crowd will be on.


3DN lead story. “We know when a players time is up”.

Maybe he is right but I’m guessing if Solly has one good game left it will be in BC Place.

that is hardly calling him out.

Your time has come is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Probably just 3DN looking for clicks from the Sask guys.

Should be a special night to honor a long time Lion either way.

Personally I think Elimimian will do well playing behind the Sask D line.

Manny back in the house as well.

Should be a good crowd.

Could say he didn’t call out John Jennings either but pretty clear to most was that a message was sent.

Derailed the season for a Lions team that was playing pretty well at the time imo. Seemed afterwards everyone just wanted the season over and it showed in the last few games and the playoff.

Not saying Hervey is not a good football man but a little diplomacy might go a long way toward a longer stay with the team. Believe he was criticized for the same thing in Edm.

Six pages or so on the topic over on RiderFans for anyone so inclined.

Yeah, Hervey can make you cringe. Led to his departure in Edmonton. Publicly ripped Rottier in a really rough way there. He did some odd things as a player too. Personally I think he should tone it down.

But in this case with Solly he seemed to be responding to a question and it would be impossible for him to not say that they think SE has slipped some. But he seems to say too much at times with an arrogant tone.

I hope SE has a good year and stays healthy. A sure fire HOF player. And I don’t disagree with the decision.

All things considered, I would still rate Hervey as a very good manager and one whom I would look at as a top candidate for any vacant CFL GM job given his availability. Hard for me to not like his passion for the game. Would take him over Kyle Walters and his bs in a heartbeat.

It is a lot to expect with the turnover in personnel to win a Grey Cup this year but don’t rule them out for 2020.

To be fair, he was right on the nose regarding Rottier. He was absolutely awful and would have been out of the league if it wasn’t for his passport. His play that season was painful to watch.

Yup Rottier was terrible in that game and had a rough year.
But a GM is over the line to rip a player like this publicly saying he would never play for Edmonton again. That is cringeworthy and should be handled internally imo. He can be a bull in a chinaware store. I believe EE was fined for this after the union filed a grievance. Hervey has a long history of going to the press to rip a player and staff. IMO that is not appropriate. BC will soon get their fill of Hervey, his bull ways and his VERY high regard for himself. I can’t wait until he locks horns with Carter and his new HC over his penchant for going into lanes where doesn’t belong.
BTW Rottier played several more productive years for EE and retired in 2019.

There was a reason why Chris Jones thanked EVERYBODY in EE except Hervey in his departure speech.