Herschel Walker and multiple personalities

Had no idea. The guy was a beast running with the rock. Seems he has it under control anyways.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2008/05/05/nfl-usfl-book-walker.html]www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2008/0 ... alker.html[/url]

I read about this and saw more on Anderson Cooper 360. Thanks for the reminder. I do want that book.

WOW! Up to twelve personalities. He sure likes to do things big.

"I'm such a competitor. That's why I played Russian roulette." Whichever of Walker's personalities made this quote certainly has a tenuous grip on reality.

The guy sure knows how to market a book. All in all, I'll think I'll wait for Michael Vicks Book.