COME ON MAN!! You make those in your sleep. Beyond frustrating. I guess the pressure kick of 9-9 is greater in his mind than the pressure of winning the GC for the Argos. I can remember 2 games I think, where he has come up short. Take those two games and the 4 the June Jones himself has cost this team and that puts them at 14-4. The reason is imo, more individuals are stepping up to lose games for the team than those stepping up to win games. It’s a team game but many losses this season has come down to the performance of an individual player or coach at the end of games. These guys just refuse to lock up the shop at the end of the day.

So true. Tons of talent but no finish.

It’s Herollahu and if you can’t say that on this board then more people than myself need to lighten up.

Oh, sorry! I changed it because I correct typos in titles occasionally and thought you made one. I’ll switch it back.

Really? I wasn’t expecting this answer. Sorry, Sully. Did you really think my spelling was this bad? LOL I guess I can understand why alot of people would think that around here. Thanks Sully. :smiley:

I don’t get it. Seriously, no sarcasm nor put down implied or intended. I assume Herollahu is a pun or word play of some kind, but it’s not working for me.

Works just fine for me.

As someone pointed out in the post-game thread, Tasker was not holding - so that may have had something to do with it. They also seemed rushed. Not a bad idea to have Tasker’s back up holder in there for some game pressure experience.

Except for one thing. The only experience he got out of that was experience of failure. And it cost the team a winning record after Evans ironically put them on the doorstep to 9-9. It was a huge psychological letdown going into the playoffs. I wouldn't trust anybody but Luke Tasker. I'd trust Luke Tasker to hold the ball on a field goal that I bet my own life on.


That’s a poor attitude.

We’re hosting a home playoff game. That’s all that matters.


No it doesn’t. All that matters is winning it.

If they win their last game of the year, what does that make the Ticats?

Profitable again.

Actually if they win their last game this year that makes them Grey Cup Champions. If they don’t… well I’ve always been a glass half full kind of guy so I won’t imagine that scenario.

Yes. I just said it in another way.

Really? You are apologizing to Katmandu for disrespecting Lirim Hajrullahu’s families last name? You corrected it (GOOD MOVE) then you switched it back after an ignorant poster complains (BAD MOVE). I think the one you should be apologizing to is Lirim. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Agreed. No need to accommodate this particular segment of the audience.

  1. Agree X 3 :-[

WOW!!!! I don't believe this. You guys banned me for a month for a lot less than the disrespect that was shown by another poster to Lirim Hajrullahu and you guys even accommodated him when he complained. What a joke. :-[

#realfans #eliteQB Go Cats!!!