Herni Childs at SB?!?!

Reading the rider rumblings, Murray says that Henri Childs is listed as starting SB today.


He's listed as a backup RB on the team's depth chart.

2 running backs in the backfield? More blocking for cates if he plays the slot position too.

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/default.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... fault.aspx[/url] is the link to the blog in question
So, the big news is Henri Childs is to start at slotback. I guess he’s been working out there for a couple of weeks. It seems like a brilliant move because of all the options it gives the Riders on offence. Childs can still run the ball. I wonder if they have any special plans for him?

I still think if anyone should see the field it should be Stu Foord over this guy. He showed us little to nothing last year.

I agree with dusty.

3rd that motion give stu foord a chance

How can anyone blame Childs? He played 2 games. They threw 1 ball to him. He caught it. 1 in 2 games. That is bad coaching. The Riders suck on offence. I know it is not easy to win without Fantuz and Dominguez and Flick and Hughes. But the play calling sucks.

Childs can play slot. I think he did play receiver in college 2 years. That is what I heard anyway. Cant blame Childs when they never throw it to him. In practice this week he caught it good. I went to practice 2 days.

I don't fault Childs. I fault anytone who sits Washinton in favour of Childs...... I played slot in high school...doesn;t mean I can play slot........

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Childs, we just have better players in my opinion and I was very surprised he was not released.

From what he showed me last year he does have decent hands, but he’s below average at runningback.

I think we’re sitting a better playing in Foord just because he’s Canadian.

Childs made a great diving catch thrown by Jyles, but agree with dust that he should be gone as we didn't aquire him for that position and Foord is better.

High school is not university. Childs did play receiver at university. Checked it out on Riders website. Says he caught 21 passes playing receiver at Colorado State. Is he better than Washington? I have no clue.

way to miss the point, Austin. If he is better than Washington, cut them both....

They should bring back Bill Chamberlain. :slight_smile:

This is the first game I think we were out coached.. I questioned Childs at slot, there were no adjustments made during the game to counter the crossing patterns again.... Congi kicking a 48-49 yard field goal against the wind??? brutal call. And yes the offence lacked imagination...Crandells poor showing...dropped passes...penalties in double digits, overall it was the poorest showing by the Riders in over a dozen games.

The field goal was definately a coaching mistake. Without the wind I think Congi has a shot but the Eskimo's have a great returner in Jackson and he ended up running it out to the 35, so even a bad punt probably would have been better.

Childs playing slot was just a bad move to go with a poorly coached (predictable) game plan and Marcus.

Childs should have been released last year....

omg... another one?