Heritage Classic Lot E Tailgate

Is anyone going to the Leafs Sabres game Sunday and if so are you tailgating in Lot E? I am going with a group of 6 and we’re planning to go down around noon and fire up the grills just like we do before every Ticats game. I’m just trying to figure out whether we’ll be alone, or with a bunch of others.

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Hope you have a great time! :hamburger::hotdog::cut_of_meat:

We'll be there Sunday for the Leafs game and Monday for the Dogs game. Will be wearing my new Bulldogs/Tiger-cats combo jersey both days.

Lot E was absolutely banging for Grey Cup! Bro and I may pop by to see how it is pre-game.

I love that the Leafs lost. Don't want ANY Toronto teams contaminating our hallowed grounds at THF.

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EFF the Leafs :rofl:


They haven't won a playoff series in HD.


and hopefully they never will .

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I sat on the East side for the Game.


I realized I've never sat on the East side for any game since THF opened.

Overall it was fun. Leafs stink, but what else is new.

I always wonder why they don't fill in the bottom of the scoreboard /video replay system at THF .

It always looks incomplete . At least at the Classic they put up two banners of two cartoonish hockey players representing the team .

Are they waiting on a second screen lot's of space for ads and stats etc ..... .