So why have we all loved the CFL over the NFL and are true believers in the Canadian product? Most of us would say regardless of the NFL talent level the CFL product is more exciting with more yards being gained and more scoring. Well, that's in the past. The NFL has adopted the Canadian game of wide open passing and opportunistic running plays. Gone are the days of 3 runs and a punt as the dominant strategy. Chances are that you'll never again see a NFL coach bench a quarterback for firing a long touchdown pass on 3rd and 1.

All in all, the CFL has become boring in comparison to the NFL. Monstros-e-troid defenders force so many 2-and-outs that can you make it for a beer and get back to your seats only to see your team in exactly in the same place as when you left.

Let's be realistic. In 3-down football, 60% passing gets you about 20 points. What we are now seeing in the NFL is that 60% passing gets about 30. Why? The NFL has 4 downs. The only remedy I can see for our now boring game is to go to 4 downs as well.

I'm an old-school kind of guy. I loathe the fact that the CFL moved the hash-marks and forced teams to adopt NFL style offence. It used to be that guys who made the team were not always the biggest or even the best players. The guys who made it were the guys bright enough to learn the play-book. Mistakes were less common and, regardless of what has been said here in the past, the play was more exciting. There is no way that the league would contemplate a return to the old style of play.

Since the league has already shown willingness to adopt regulations aimed at becoming more NFL-like why can't we think about going to 4 downs? With our larger field a 60% passing game should lead to enough scoring to make it worthwhile watching CFL.

Please remember to cover your mouths as you type responses. Neatness counts.

As a true connoisseur of the game, surely you can appreciate good defence.

I don't want the CFL to become like Arena Football, where 99% of drives lead to a touchdown and games are decided by 1 play (a fumble or interception.)

I can appreciate that point. While I have nothing against good defence the problem as I see it is that offences just aren't moving the ball the way we'd like. Take a look at the NHL and NBA. When it got to the point where defence was stangling the game and turning off fans they changed the rules. The NBA has never been stronger and the NHL can sell tickets in southern markets (maybe not all southern markets but some anyway). A relly good defence should be able to force a lot of 2-and-outs but we're at the point now that an average defence can do the same.

Its not the rules its the offensive sets, WHY are we seeing double t.e sets in cfl?? ? Also CFL defences Have adapted the spread double slot O, set - and actually are more advanced than the u.s d,s- who will catch up within the next decade and then nfl scoring will go down . Perhaps appreciating good CFL defence will help you enjoy the cfl game .