Here's your Grey Cup 2007 CBC ratings....

Here's your Grey Cup 2007 CBC ratings....

Grey Cup audience increases four per cent from '06, to 3.337 million viewers

9 hours ago

TORONTO - The CBC's last Grey Cup for at least the next five years was a ratings winner for the network.

A national average audience of 3.337 million viewers tuned in to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23-19 in Sunday's 95th CFL championship game, the network announced Monday.

That represents a four per cent increase over the 3.202 million who watched B.C. defeat Montreal 25-14 in 2006's Grey Cup.

Audiences peaked at 3.791 million viewers between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.

The ratings were the highest for a Grey Cup game since 4.012 million watched Toronto and B.C. square off in 2004.

The most watched Grey Cup was the 2002 contest between Montreal and Edmonton, which drew 4.416 million viewers.

The record audience for a sporting event in Canada, with more than 10 million English and French-language viewers on CBC, was the Canadian men's gold medal hockey win over the U.S. at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.

TSN and the CFL agreed on a new five-year broadcast deal last December, one that will see all playoff games - including the Grey Cup - move to the all-sports network when the contract begins next year.

Under the past two deals, TSN parcelled off rights to some regular-season games, all playoff contests and the Grey Cup to the CBC for a fee. With the new contract, TSN and French-language affiliate RDS acquired the CFL's entire annual package as well as digital rights.

how many watched on RDS tho?

As a Ti-Cat fan living in the States, I guess I'm screwed now. I can't get TSN (nor RDS for that matter), but I could watch CBC over the air or via cable.
Last time I checked, I couldn't even stream the games on TSN, because I'm outside Canada.
What's a US-based CFL fan supposed to do now?!?!?!
I'm sure this was done by an Argo, because we all know what they do.

Oh, and the new forum reminds me of an Argo as well.