Here's why the Bombers will sink the boatmen

Finally we have a front line that's getting the job done, ya could of drove a Winnepeg transit bus through the holes they were making. Some of the recievers found some timely confidence...and C Roberts is tearing up the turf
. The D played strong in the first half..bent in the 3rd quarter, but made the play's when needed most and that's huge...big decision for Daily,
wickman or fells..D line is very strong they could rule the grunts on the argos. Special teams have the boatmen will be tired from the Al's thumping there butt's op and down the field.

There are a few things the Bombers need to do to stop the Argos.

  1. They have to continue to play the great defence they have in the last two games. The Als game may have been high scoring but they came through in the clutch. The monster hit on Cahoon and the last minute interception,
  2. Shut down Damon Allen and John Avery. Which means keep on pressure while covering their men very tightly.
  3. Use Charles Roberts more, like in the game vs. the Montreal Allouettes. If he gets going he'll pick up big chunks of yards and it'll open up the pass.
  4. Don't let their the Argos' Special Teams get going. They can run a kick, punt or missed field goal down your throat

heres my list on what we need to beat the argos

  1. willie fells has to start! he was our most impressive d player in preseason and hes not starting? wickman is a run stopping specialist, other than damon allen toronto's running game is not strong at all... willie fells is a better rounded linebacker and in my opinion a better player
  2. run those pitch plays to roberts again... and get him more carries he is doing amazing.
  3. our secondary cant bend like they did to calvilllo last game, t.o has great recievers, if the dbs arent on the game allen will pick apart our secondary but that also means the d line needs to get pressure on damon.
  4. passing game needs to keep improving, torontos got great d this will be a big test for our offense.

Definately need to get the running game on track. Toronto's D lies in its ability to stop the pass. They have some ball hawks, and an exceptional secondary. It'll really take the pressure off the passing game to get the game going on the ground, and I think the yardage will come a lot easier on the ground. 3 days rest will be a huge factor in this one. Watch our D line push around that tired Toronto O-line. But the danger lies there. We can't overcommit to the pass rush against a guy like Allen, who's most dangerous when the pocket collapses. He's old, but he can still run. I think the Bombers can pull this one off though. Its going to be a tired Toronto team, and a fired up Winnipeg team. Looking forward to it!

You can't forget that the Argos are playing 2 this week. Thursday against a Montreal team that is out for revenge and then they play a fired up Bombers team 4 days later.

thats exactly why i honestly think the bb will take this game over the argos, as long as we stop their special teams from beating us i believe our o-line and d-line will prevail in the trenches and grind it out for us, i believe it will be a close game but one the bombers come out on top of.

We need to score more points then the Argos to win right? :slight_smile:

That strategy seemed to work against the Als

Its a controversial strategy, but it may just be crazy enough to work…

  1. We don't need Fells to start. We need Wick to start. True that the Argos don't have a strong running game, but you still need someone to keep Allen in the pocket and Wick is more than capable of doing that.

  2. Who said anything about stopping Avery. He has to be on the field before he can do any damage, and so far he hasn't proven that he can do anything that he could 3 years ago.

  3. Agreed, get Roberts his 20 touches and this game will be in the bag. Remeber, 18-2 when Roberts rushes for more than 100 yards.

  4. Agreed, Having Barret back last week was good, since he is an amazing special teams player. Also sounds like McGriggs may not be heading to TO, so it may be time to see Ockimey on special teams. A lot of fans have been waiting to see him play too, he was deemed "the specimen" after the physicals and he has all the tools to be a demon on defense.

Pinball will need to put his thinking cap on for this one, so I dont think 3 days is going to be enough time for him to prepare his boys for what is coming. The way the oline is coming along, Roberts should run rough shod over that 3 man argo front. The passing game will continue to improve and Glenn is going to have far more time then he had against montreal to pick out his receivers. The change in the defence from the start of the year is unreal, a great front four getting pressure on the qb consistently and secondary that is realy starting to become ball hawks in their own right. I would be surprised if this game is still close by the third quater.