Here's who I'm blaming...

In honour of the blame game going on (people blaming the refs, coaches, specific players), here's a list of people who I think are to blame for last night's horrible loss:

1)Lesley Stewart and the Dance Team
3)Martin Short
4)the tiger who disappeared at halftime
5)the people selling 50/50 tickets
6)the guy cooking hot dogs under the Section 23 stands
7)Mike O'Shea

8)TSN cameramen

9)Jason Farr
10)the blue team

:wink: :wink:

lancaster has to make the list.

I am to blame as well. My cheering is rusty from the off season.

I am to blame for not wearing my lucky football outfit. Thought they could do it without me

Everything else is my fault so this might as well be too :wink:

My fiance made us late for the game, so I blamed her for the loss.

I am to blame because I made the mistake of predicting ticats win.

And it's also MArshall's fault Mariuz started.

I'm blaming the refs optometrist, the league needs to invest in more qualified optometrists for those poor refs, and hearing aids so they can hear when they blow their own whistles.

blame the weatherman who said it was going to rain and it didnt guess you cant trust anybody