Here's Whats Wrong With Bomber Fans!

So i keep lookinga t the thread called "What's Wrong With Bomber Fans?" and i think i have found the answer. We are completely nuts. This link is a Winnipeg Free Press story that proves it. This guy resides in Winnipeg with his family and bleeds blue and gold with the best of them. You guys seem to think we have lost the faith well heres my responce to all that.

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Last report was 11,000 sold but it's to early to tell what the crowd will be like becasue we still don't know when the game is. Having said that playoff crowds have been historically low in the 'peg. Last game here in 2003 vs Sask drew a little over 22,000.

So is your answer there is something wrong or not?

I am from Winnipeg and I am a Bomber fan. I would say that there is nothing wrong with the Bomber fans. It is the Bomber fans who will be at the playoff game.

I think the main problem is that Winnipegs population is older and grumpier, so when the Bombers have a bad game, they don’t want to go anymore. The weather also affects their decision. We have to many “fair weather” fans.

This is just my theory and is not based on any actual stats that I know of. I would be interested in knowing what the average age of WPG is.

Hey, if not enough tickets get sold by a certain date, why not move the game to Hamilton? It might be a while for us to get a home playoff game so we'll take whatever we can get. 8)


LOL!! You sir are win :slight_smile:

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i heard 11,000 sad thing is we ave 17,000 season ticket holders, i think they were expecting about 22,000

I just picked up my tickets for tonights game and haven’t even thought about the playoff game YET.

I wouldn’t call us fair-weather fans, a person would have to be certifiable to sit through tonights game. Rain showers and 2C, not many people in their right mind can get pumped about that. Only the die-hards will show up, when you can watch it from the comfort of your home in HD.

i was cold waiting for game time but once it started i was nice a nd toasty hitting the benches

It was bearable, good thing the game was close because otherwise it would have been miserable. Sleet, wind and rum, football in November. :wink:

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