The TiCats had their asses handed to them the first game against Montreal and they deserved that for many reasons. Opening game jitters. Still too many inexperienced players and Montreal is a way better team. Watching Montreal play Calgary last night showed me that a healthy 4 quarter Calvillo will beat any team in the league. If we were playing Montreal again tomorrow with a healthy Calvillo im afraid the result would be the same as opening day.
Our spectacular win against the Blue guys last thursday showed a few things as well. Printers and Lumsden appear to be on the same page now. Our receivers are starting to get open and hang onto some balls. The coaching (thank you Danny Mac) seems to be able to utilize both of those things. And field position after a kick is better than it has been in 5 years. Im sorry, but watching Armstead last night just made me remember how he never helped us much in that regard. BUT. Our defense was never really tested by the Blues anemic offense and their defense which appears to be struggling, was even worse last night in the points they gave up to Edmonton. Even Ricky Ray ran the ball well against them.Speaking of Ricky Ray, its a good thing he's not in town tomorrow or im sure he would show us where we still need to improve on the defense. In conclusion, lets remember that we are still a young football team that needs alot more work, and a win tomorrow against a team that has some of their top guys out with injurys would be sweet and helpful in our rebuiding year, but not a sure trip to the Grey Cup. Lets keep it real. GO CATS GO!!!!!!!

Let's just enjoy a win. A win is a win. Is this a defense mechanism against being disappointed? We keep getting reminded not to get too excited because we're not going to the Grey Cup. Who cares about the Grey Cup right now? Who cares about next week's game? We won. Just enjoy it.

I've only ever seen this on our forum; fans cautioning each other not to be too jubilant, and even IF we can scratch up a win against a banged up team that it doesn't mean anything. We might win, we might lose. Every time rolls that dice every week. As for me, I'm looking forward to a good showing from our team.

Beware - we might even win.

A very honest perspective. Interesting that no one has commented on your statement in 13 hours. Just like when some people were saying "It's only one game" after the Montreal game, the same holds true for our situation after the game in Toronto. Keep it real folks. The rebuilding of the team is not an event, it's a process.

All I know is it is going to be a good game this week. Probably close, but overall a great football game in the CFL. :thup: