Here's what the fans gotta do...

Vent tonight, maybe tomorrow....

...and then forget all about this game.

A few extra Carlings are helping right now.

I've been venting since 1999.

Stay the course.

Two straight games now this team has played pretty poorly, yet still had a legitimate chance at winning. We're still finding the right mixture of players while other guys are getting healthy. What would the season be without any trials and tribulations? This team is going to start putting together complete games on a consistent basis, and then look out.

We're going to unleash on Montreal next week.

jordan2 is partying like it's 1999. :rockin:

(reaching for my Stoli vodka), "Hey jordan2, pass the kool-aid!" :thup:

Except for the occassional winning season like 86,89, 98, 99 I've been venting since 1978! :roll:

Oh, bless you. I truly mean that. But I won't be holding my breath for any type of consistency out of this team. The names may change, but the outcomes are all the same.

Gut feeling, folks. Gut feeling.

The past few years I was the first one to freak out after a loss. For whatever reason, this year is different.

I will, cuz yet again, this is a whole new team, with a new QB, new coaches and new systems.

Only 6 games in.

Wonder how the team would be if Bellefeiulle and his staff were still here. How important is continuity when it comes to learning, getting better, and gelling?

Sadly, with this ownership and management we never know.

But if you keep rolling the dice, your bound to roll 7 some time

Stop whining and support their team.

Oh sorry I thought this was a finish the sentence thread :lol:

I feel just as awful as everyone else, but I seriously have to agree with Jordan02 on this one. Last year I would have been seriously worried about this team. This year not so much. I know we have the pieces and have seen them come together several times. Once we get a few of those pieces back we are going to be fine.

Agree we will be fine I think. But I will be following Captain’s advice for tonight and check out some brewskies to see if this helps for a bit. :wink:

Similar sentiments here Banshee.
Admittedly, a sub .500 record in previous seasons would induce hopeless hysteria and an inconsolable demeanor personally, although this year is markedly different.

Anxiety is near non-existent.
Frustration? Yes. Anxious? No.

Much I believe has to do with Burris and Cortez.
Both are not without flaws mind you, yet possess an innate sense of leadership not seen with this club in years which is comforting in itself.

The team does require certain positional upgrades and has a proclivity for inconsistency, although is competitive and in contention up til the end of most games this season.

Now if I could only remove frustration from the emotional repertoire..

This may be the first time this forum has been therapy for me...I was apopletic after last nights game. I have been a die hard fan for over 40 years now and my wife told me to pick another team and just move on...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I thought ok...pack away my black and gold stuff...dont watch the games...sell my remaining seats and wait for the Steelers to hit the field. Cant be done!! This is my crappy as they are...and folks...they are crap !! But they are my crap...that came out wrong...oh well..thanks for helping

And let's not forget as obvious as it is, there are 7 other teams in this league that want to win every bit as much as the Tiger-Cats do. It's high level sport competition, everyone wants to win.

They are not crap. They have had some very bad moments, I won't lie, but they have also had some very great moments. When the bulk of your team are rookies or new to your team you have to expect some hiccups. Someone said they were thinking that we had been pretty lucky with injuries and I don't know why they would say that because we have gotten killed right out of camp with injuries. I have faith that we will be fine. And at this point there are only 2 teams in the league who have more points than we do so I'm not worried.

They have gotten to you just like the Leafs have done to their fans. You have become immune to piss poor performances! :lol:

Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Buccaneers. Maybe I am immune.

Yep sounds like it pretty much :lol: . I WAS a Bucs fan when they won the Super Bowl (was still failry young and bandwagoned teams in the NFL between the ages of 5-11 :lol: ). Quite glad I got off that bandwagon when the going was good :wink:

It's always worth noting that when Bob Young bought the team, he seemed to have a lot of say the first year in the hirings the pursuit of excellence right out of the gate..... We went 9-8-1 and straight into the play-offs.

Then he made the mistake of letting the "football minds" convince him they had better instincts than he did.

..and here we are repeating the same old things ever since, expecting different results :?

~ just an observation I continue to make since 2005 ~

*** by the way, need something to do this weekend? try the Dundas Cactus Festival to take your mind off football for a few days. It's a great event !!

gonna win 7 more games and finish 10-8, second place in East. Then beat Montreal and the Toronto in the playoffs. Get your GC tickets now!! (if not, there will be lots of tickets available after we beat the Argos) I have spoken!

I have Grey Cup tickets. I really hope BC beats the Argos in the final. :cowboy: