Here's what I don't understand

From my perspective to the east (Argoland), ok Maas is hurt but playing very poorly and losing badly week after week after week. There isn't a hint of a win (or even a TD) in the future with Maas at QB. I know, he's not the only problem for this team but he is certainly one of them at the moment. Why not try Eakin or Williams to see what they've got under fire. The goal needn't be to even win a game but just to see what they have as QBs. If they are so bad that the coaches won't put them in at this hopeless point of the season, then the oraganization should be trying out NFL cuts to find someone who at least has some upside.

For the life of me, I can't see why they'd stay with the status quo at QB when it is so hopeless. Why not use the rest of the season productively to see if one of the backups has anything to offer or bring up some NFL late cuts for a look-see towards 2007 and beyond.

I just don't get it at all.

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heres what i dont understand of all the maas threads that are running you start this one and actually think you are being insightful???

Well that's a friendly response.

Personally, and I'm not a fan who ran out and bought a Maas Jersey back in April, I DO think Maas was showing signs of building his confidence in the 4th quarter on Saturday.

THIS is why he is still being played. Again, I'm not saying I'm giving him my total support, but pulling your starting QB all the time will begin to have a mental effect on the guy.
As painful as it is to watch, Maas needs to get some kind of confidence back and playing the game is the only way he will.

Nope, it wasn't an attempt to be insightful. More of an attempt to be educated as to why Maas is still QB of the team. But it looks like I expected too much of you.


Perhaps the coaches who watch the team practice day after day do not have any confidence in the two back up QBs.

I think thats BF's point. The season is a wash and obviously Maas is not 100%. If the back ups are not capable. Then lets at least find a good one for the future. Maas isnt going anywhere with his contract. Even if he is 100% healthy next year and playing well. We need a decent backup and to be able to have one with some experience gained through this year could be very valuable.

Thank you. Since I live in Toronto and don't get nearly the TiCat coverage you guys do, I was wondering if someone could tell me why the team hasn't done anything to improve the QB position. Even the QB-rich Alouettes with AC, Nealon Greene and Marcus Brady signed Jesse Palmer to a 10 day trial. So I'm puzzled at the lack of activity from the Cats. Is it a budget problem? Inadequate scouting? A front office that can't swing a trade?

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Well i personally think it is due to all the changes in coaching/management. The coaches are interm and will not have a lot authority to make changes and with the new GM. He wants to take a look at who is suppose to be the 1st team players. Assess them and the compliment. I think you will see a "few" players come in during the next two weeks. This coming game will be the last chance for some guys.

Well you are on the right track with that...but then again you only have to look at who is the interim coach, who made the trade and somebody has to "justfy" paying big bucks to somebody who is "hurt" or "damaged goods" or lost confidence?

Hopefully we will see Eakin and /or Williams in the final 5 games. Best we see what we have and let Maas heal if that is what he needs. His stock is not going up by playing him. And we certainly are not winning with him. :roll:

It's a good question, Barney and some good guesses by others. Personally, I don't ask anymore (or maybe care). I do know it's painful watching Maas continually underthrow receivers. Not too many TiCat fans I know do it sober.

One of the best things about the TiCat forums is the humour. :lol:

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