Here's The Rush Starting... But No Comments???

Well, four new bodies today - just like a lot of people have been asking for - and no comments. This is weird.

Three defensive players! Interesting. The Cheatwood injury, and Cotton’s pains, may be a bit worse than we thought. Here’s an import DE coming in.

Two DB’s? Well, no Goss and somebody else may be in trouble.

On the offensive side only a non-import lineman… and an ex-Argo at that! Is Jukes the answer to our line problems and Powell? This one I don’t particularly understand.

They'll be Few Players in after NFL Cuts.
That's Why the Practice Roster Have Been Expaned.

don’t forget Collier’s banged up and Peterson’s out, so we’re pretty thin there.

We need a Quarterback,offensive tackle,a Arland Bruce type game breaker reciever and Jesse Lumsden before l will get really excited about the ticats!Sorry and l forgot a real coach who is a proven winner with CFL experience,a QB coach,recievers coach,a proven defensive coordinator and a special team coach who can teach our players to block for our guys and who can block a punt or fieldgoal!
Honestly since Erdman 's been here have we blocked one field goal or a punt???

You say that you wont get excited until we get Jesse that because he is a hometown boy, or do you not think Corey Holmes can get the job done?

Holmes is fine with me, he is an exciting playmaker

I think that Lumsden and Corey Homles are the answer in the backfield ,they both have speed and will give the defense more trouble than Ranek and Homles.Also l would hate to see Lumsden play elsewhere in the CFL because he will be a bona fide star!