Here's the problem...

I believe that the problem with this team is too much overall change and on and off the field panic. Everyone down from the owner to the fans are looking for an insta fix.
Firstly, the coaches are not coaching. They seem to be working along a knee jerk type of reaction. A player comes in and has a bad game...he's gone. If we were all treated that way no one would have a job for long.
Secondly, as a coach you have to look under control and act as if your not worried even if you are. After I listen to Charlie talking I realize that this guy does not instill confidence in me with regards to him being in control of anything.
Thirdly, for anyone who has coached out there what is the first rule you come to grips with when working with a team? You design your plays around the talent you have to work with not the other way around!
Finally,teams often lose not because of what the other team does but rather the mistakes players make. Fix the mistakes and any average talented team suddenly can play decent ball. To do this the coaches need a player by player teaching approach.
We have talent on this team but they have not been shown how to play together as a unit.

I have to agree with the things you say. Though I am not sure that some of the assistant coaches we have are adequate for todays CFL. Special teams and defense just don't look very prepared for game day

Very good points. Taffe and company aren't doing a good job at all. The penalties taken is a relection of the coaching staff. The lack of any intermediate length pass plays is a reflection on the OC. The eratic OL play is a reflection of poor coaching based on Coach Sal's success in turning around an even worse group This ship is floundering due to lack of qualified leadership