Here's something that's never happened before

There are 5 bowl games today.

4 of them (International,, Liberty, and Alamo) are being played in stadiums that are/were CFL stadiums.

That was today's uninteresting fact. Please return to your regularly scheduled afternoon.

well with only 22K showing up in the big smoke(yeah right...more like 10) this will also be the last time.

Again Rogers is dumb, why they don't partner with the Argos and TiCats and offer season ticket holders a great deal on tickets for this game, and the Bills game, is beyond me. Oh well, I don't care about American football being played in Canada anyways to be honest. But I might have had Rogers really tried to woo me.

Money isn't everything: Roger's financial losses for the International Bowl is mere chump change compared to the HUGE losses of the Blue Jays and Bills in Toronto disaster. :expressionless:

Earl, as an Argo season ticket holder we were offered freebies for this game, which I flatly turned down.
It is/was a dog with flees.
So the low number no doubt included many freebies as both teams are given free tickets to distribute.
In another words, anyone who paid to watch this crap needs their heads examined.
What would have worked like previous years, I believe in the mid 80's a NCAA Division II team played the CIS team and I believe the rules were rotated.

Don’t hear much about how the Jays are doing out here. They had a competitive team, what’s their situation? Also, have they released figures on the losses from the JETS-BILLS game in Toronto? I’ve read on the message board that the MLS is drawing dead on TV, but are they doing business at the turnstiles? Maybe TO is a one sport city after all, and poorer Argo attendance might be a part of that.

Aren’t there enough games for each team to play in one now? :expressionless:

There's 120 teams and 34 bowl games. And next year there's supposed to be one or two new ones.
Problem is, unless some other bowls disappears, that'll mean they'll need 72 bowl-eligible teams. This year there were only 71.

That's not a problem, that's an oppertunity! :smiley:

Yeah, that would be more interesting a game with a CIS team I believe as well. Rogers should just stick with baseball or something and even that I'm not sure about. Who knows, I just know for myself that Rogers is making me dislike anything they put their hands on with sports, the company gives me the creepies, I'm not sure what to make of them other than I'm avoiding them more and more for sports if I can help it. Some of their reporters on Sportsnet bug me.

2009 was the 135th anniversary of the McGill-Harvard game. I would have loved to see McGill take on Harvard in a friendly. As we've talked about on this board before, I think a CIS team would do ok against a NAIA team...especially 1 like Harvard that hasn't done much the past few years. Would be interesting to see how they match up.

I'm not so sure about a CIS team against a Div II team though. I think it would be tough.

I still say they should have a Toilet bowl, between the two worst teams.. or a Pipe bowl, for all those players busted for illegal drugs... :lol: :lol: