HERE'S JOHNNY! (and only Johnny please)

Last I heard ...New England had interest but then drafted a qb in the 7th round and are now no longer interested.
i also heard Johhny was in the hospital due to misuse of his medication

i was hoping to see him this sunday or next week

I heard he is on the Ticats' negotiation list.

I kinda like the new thread. Saves having to scroll through 70+pages to figure out what people are referring to. So much so I might have to start my own JF thread.

For the record: June Jones, Orlondo Steinauer, Jerry Glanville, and the rest of the coaching staff think we have the talent to win the GC with me as QB.


Bob, I'm with you all the way. ;D ;D

JF = Johnny Football, of course!

For those who think among others are too obsessed with Johnny Manziel, you have not seen anything compared to the enthusiasm of college football fans in the US. He really did play some miraculous games for Texas A&M against the very best US College teams.

Of course that was 5 years ago now, and was against teams a big step below CFL or NFL professional caliber.

Any News on Johnny you ask ?? Stop the presses this just in from the News room :

It's been reported that Johnny had a big bowl of Corn Flakes this morning for breakfast . Stay tuned for further developments and an exclusive update on this story as well as an interview later on with Johnny where he talks about his big decision for lunchtime . Will it be an Egg salad sandwich or Ham and Cheese ?

Hilarious ?

Yawn , he will be sitting on the couch eating cheetos watching CFL / NFL gain 50 pounds till Feb and start the comeback season part all over again with merchandise at 50% off ???

I say who cares and lets stick to ticat related posts

It's the day before Training Camp check-in and the only un-retired jersey number between 0 and 28 that has not been issued is #2. That says, to me, that Manziel will soon be joining the TiCats. If I was running the club, and he had not committed, by now, to signing here, somebody else would be wearing that jersey on Sunday. I'd have made that clear to him weeks ago.

I won’t be able to sleep all weekend now ! #2?#2? That is the question , if he shows up Media frenzy from all over North America will be coming to our little steel city !!!!

For those of you who might've missed it earlier it was reported that Johnny had the Ham and Cheese . No word yet on what he had for supper . There will be a full detailed report immediately as soon as the News team officially finds out......Stay tuned for further details.....

thing is, some local news stations do get this desperate. Then they tell it too you the next day as well.

This doesn't look like a ham and cheese type restaurant TMZ caught him coming out of in Beverly Hills with his wife last night. :slight_smile:

TMZ do put on an entertaining bus tour in Hollywood . A Toronto woman was our guide .

I am not sure if Johnny is high maintenance or his wife or both or maybe neither and I am just casting aspersions towards them from my perspective .

The real question - that no one seems to be asking - is how does he take his coffee? Priorities people...

He says he has signed!
Johnny Manziel?Verified account


Made the decision today to sign my contract with the CFL and further my football career after a long break. Very grateful for everyone that’s been supporting me along the way. I believe this is the best opportunity for me moving forward and I’m eager for what the future holds.
7:41 AM - 19 May 2018

Amazing! Thought for sure he was headed for the AAF. Would love to know what went in to that decision?

Whatever happens, he is in the CFL for two years now.