Here's how stupid the Rogers Centre is

You go to their home page and nothing on their featured events for the game Sunday and nothing in their calendar of events. Who is running that place, a bunch of idiots? I emailed them so maybe they will change it but what a way to make money, I can't believe this.

...c'mon Earl...whats bigger than Andre Rieu, the violinist, on Dec. 15....not that there's anything wrong with violinists...... :rockin: :roll:

True pap. I noticed they have the International Bowl listed in January. Maybe their own team there doesn't count with them. And to add to their stupidity, they still have ads for the Jays for tickets on sale. Hmmm, didn't baseball season just end?

Ok, will give them some credit, they just emailed me back and said it was an oversight and this would be rectified. Hmmm...

To add insult to the injury:

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The Wiggles will prevent the team from working out at Rogers Centre before Sunday.

Good thing you are on top of things Earl!
They have now added the Argo game to the list....send them a bill!

Ya, really eh Arius? Hard to believe.

...maybe they couldn't accurately say the Eastern Semi Final was on Sunday in case the Wiggles went into overtime.....or encore time....or whatever it is that Wiggles do.....

The Wiggles again? :lol:

Actually maybe this benefits the Argos more since they are more familiar with the stadium and turf obviously and don't need the practices on it as much as the Bombers might.

Pretty dumb , but ask the BLUE JAYS about this one , they own the RETARD CENTRE. :lol:

well done! It is there , now. :thup:

I just wonder if it was done on purpose. But I suppose this is just a hypothetical question, us regular joes will never know.

Here is something I have noticed since 1989. I used to go to both BLUE JAY and ARGOS games.

I always thought that it was strange that at every ARGO game that I went to there was contruction around the DOME and/or road major closers.

The QUEENSWAY was close last FRIDAY.

Never once was there any contruction or road closers when I went to a BLUE JAY games.

Explain that to me? :wink:

Of course it is done on purpose not only by the JAYS , but by the TORONTO media and their stories.

If any of this could be proven the ARGOS would have 1 hell of a anti-trust suit. :thup:

They want the ARGOS to fail so they can spend 2 billions on a NFL team. :thdn:

Very sad , but true!
Our media couldn't be possible this stupid or could they be? :wink: :thdn:

I heard Keith Pelley on McCown's show mentioned the road closures probably affected the crowd last week...probably kept it under 40,000...but I don't know about Paul Godfrey or someone arranging construction...those guys seem to have a law onto themselves. They just muddle along and where ever they're at they start to dig...or so it seems.

hellothere wrote:

Of course it is done on purpose not only by the JAYS , but by the TORONTO media and their stories
Are you serious? I mean this would be quite unbelieveable that a city would put their own team in a dumpster just because they think they want another team from another league. Akin to a mother killing her baby as she didn't like it, it cried too much or something. Real bad.

Noticed that no mention it is a playoff game. Just emailed them again that they might want to say this to help with ticket sales. Man, I'm no businessman but really.

Trust me, ht. If there's an instance where the City needs an official audit in relation to pro sports franchises, look no further than the Leafs and that soccer stadium they're building down at the Exhibition grounds. In fact, it was suggested that the city is also trying to sweep under the rug a possible "hotel project" in conjunction with the stadium.

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You know, it would not surprise me at all if Toronto was trying to sabotage the Argos to try and get an NFL team. It wouldn't work, at all, but the way things go in Toronto ... it almost seems like that's what their trying to do. Seriously. I know it's far-fetched conspiracy, but sometimes you really have to wonder. It drives me nuts ...