here's hoping the Esks fall flat in 7 days

yes I want nothing more than to see the Lions win 43-1 or worse. I don't wish for anything good to happen for them.

please lose and lose big.

that is all :slight_smile:

If you're as accurate on this as you were on your Hamilton-Montreal pick, I guess you'll be plenty upset come Sunday evening.

this is not prediction, it's a wish. I wish it.

Your nothing if not consistent. Petty, sadly disalusioned and pathetic but consistent. How are your Riders doing?

why because I wanna see the Esks lose big time?

how does that make me delusional?

heck if I could play magic I'd have it be 60-0 for the Lions.

but I can't.

and it's irrelevant how the Riders are doing today.

I guess after losing year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year against Edmonton would make someone bitter.

Nope it is just hatred, the Eskimos did something many years ago that was so dastardly, he just can't forgive or forget. I will choose to cheer for my team, cheering against the other team just leads to bitterness.

Nah, I am not bitter. I just don't like the Eskimos

Can't I do both? Oh, wait, I can't. My team is the Riders. :oops: Well, maybe it is. Still debating after they decided to keep Taman.

Either way, this week, I'm a-cheerin' for the Eskies! (Hey, that didn't hurt so bad...maybe its because of who the Esks are playing.... :twisted: )

Just curious why such a hate on?

No way José!
I want a 1986 matchup again.

I want another two ton Grey Cup as well but with a different ending.

I was there in 1986, the game was bad enough but I was subjected to a fall down drunk, Ti-Cat fan sitting beside me on the airplane, passing out but waking up every 15 minutes or so to yell that stupid chant. OK, I like the Oskee Wee Wee thing but every 15 minutes on an airplane was a bit much.

You always make me laugh, man. :lol:

.. :thup: back in the good old days of flying....anyone remember Ward-Air free booze flights?

Isn't that like an oxymoron, remember-free booze? Kind of like remember the 70's.

looks like messam is out.

[url=] ... -of-season[/url]

And somewhere in Edmonton cfl is doing a dance. :smiley:

nah, i don't wish harm on players, even Eskimos.

it's going to hurt their chances for sure.

But I'd rather the Lions beat the Esks with Messam in rather than out.

because then now some people have the excuse to use with Messam being out if/when they Lose.