Here's Canadian Sport to fill that Collision Sport Void!

Hey Everyone:
Here's my annual invitation to everyone suffering from Ticat football withdrawls.
To clarify, I'm just a fan, I'm not an employee of the National Lacrosse League or the Toronto Rock.
The National Lacrosse League season starts in January and all I can say is give it a try.
I've been a season ticket holder with the Toronto Rock for 7 years and have loved every year. Very affordable I might add! :thup:
The Rock season runs between CFL season and 90% of the players are Canadian and the best in the world!
Tickets are such that you can bring your family to a game for under $100 and the GO bus or train drops you off at the ACC!
If anyone is going to a game let me know. We can meet up for pre and post game bevy's!

I like to describe lacrosse like this. It has the offence and defence off basketball accept with full contact. There is the collision of football, fights of hockey, point shots faster then MLB pitcher and dynamic goal scoring of it's own kind. Lacrosse is it's own game and it's ours. Screw the greed of the Not Happy League and take in a Canadian sport where the players are the world's best and all have day jobs. Plus you can join them for a beer after the game!

Anyone interested the Rock are hosting a preseason game at their training facility in Oakville tonight at 7:00 pm
The game is televised on these local cable channels and Rock games will be on TSN this season.

Burlington/Oakville – LIVE – SD 23, HD 700
Halton Hills/Milton – LIVE – SD 14
Fergus/Elora – LIVE – SD 14
Sarnia - LIVE – SD 6
Huntsville/Gravenhurst – LIVE – SD 10
Kingston - TAPE - SD 13, HD 700

Rogers TV
Toronto – LIVE – SD 10, HD 510
Mississauga – LIVE – SD 10, HD 510
Brampton – LIVE – SD 10, HD 510
Richmond Hill – TAPE – SD 63

Hay Jare, Here is a suggestion, Pick a game, say some time in February and call it CFL night. Reserve a section or have a Section available to CFL Fans, kind if like a meet and greet. Pre and Post Game Festivities ? It would be cool for CFL FANS to get together and have some fun in the dead of winter ??

Let me know, i can bring a bunch of people, I am sure you can get a group rate if we get enough people ?

Great idea TC23, while I don't have the resources to reserve a section. I'll submit a suggestion to the Rock and suggest they bring the Grey Cup in that night as well.

How much are season tickets?

My Lower Bowl Reds are $330 each and that covers 8 games.
For some perspective, one Maple Laugh game is $175.00 to sit in that seat for one game!
On top of that, Rock fans get access to the Air Canada Club behind the Red seats. You get a bar, washrooms the whole bit. Maple Laugh fans don't have access unless you're a season ticket holder and have paid a $5000 licence fee top of their tickets.
Bottom line the Rock are awesome to watch and the most affordable ticket in town.
Here's the Season Ticket link on the Rock web site.:

Thanks Jare. If I decide to buy I'll let you know so you can get your benefit.

I went to a Buffalo Bandits game years ago at the Aud. I really enjoyed the sport and would have gone back except for the long drive. To go to the ACC would be a snap on the GO train. I might be able to go to the "CFL" game in February if the price was right. :thup: :thup:

BTW Jare. I've always called them the "Make me Laughs" not the "Maple Laughs". :wink:

Intriguing, but I'd still rather just walk down the road and watch the Bulldogs. They have a sale on right now, 10 tickets for $99. At ten bucks a ticket, that price is certainly right to watch the Dogs stomp the Marlies.

How about Saturday January 19th, as there is only one Saturday Game ?

I'm not getting any kick backs, perks or "thank you very muches" for doing this folks. I'm a fan of lacrosse and feel it doesn't get the attention it should. If you let the Rock tickets agents know you heard about if from me that's great. They know I do this kind of thing and are curious to see just how far it reaches.

Also, I'm not suggesting you take in Bulldogs games, on the contrary, see every Bulldog game you can. This is an invitation to take another Canadian sport in that's affordable and often very fun. BTW: The don't tell you sit down when you cheer at Rock games like they do at Maple Laugh games!

I will drop them an email about a CFL/Grey Cup night. See if they'll swing a deal for you. I'll set up a post game party at Joe Badali's of the Overdraught for us. Of maybe the RealSports bar if they'll give us a deal.

No kick backs here. I do this folks because i believe in lacrosse and know alot of CFL fans would love it.

Okay, made a typo and need to clarify...."I'm not suggesting you take in Bulldogs games" this is wronge!
I meant to say "I'm not suggesting you don't take in Bulldogs games, see as many as you can...."

I hear ya Jare and I can appreciate that. If there is a group that ends up going, I'll ask some of my buddies in my section if they are interested and if they are, I might head over.

I just try to give the Bulldogs a bump when I can. They've been with Hamilton for over 15 years, and have won us a Calder Cup and have completely affordable tickets, and yet I know so many who treat them like garbage. This season though has been good to them so far because of the lockout, and frankly I hope it keeps going at this rate. They are currently 2nd in the AHL in attendance this year (although I'm fairly certain their two games a year in the Bell Centre and a phenomenal opening game vs the Marlies might have had something to do with it) and I would love to see this city get behind them and make the upper bowl at Copps come under regular use. The owner has done a lot of good for the community and gave us the Outdoor Classic last year and a packed Copps would be a great thing for the local businesses in the core.

Just my two cents.

Well said Hammer. There is plenty of live sports we, the everyday fan can take in. The AHL and NLL are very affordable and totally entertaining. I hope the Not Happy League strike results in more people seeing this and taking in Bulldogs and Rock or Bandit games for that matter.
BTW: I went to the preseason game last Saturday and the Rock are looking bigger, faster and stronger then last year. It could very well be a good season!
Off to Montreal this Saturday to see the next exhibition game against the Rochester Knighthawks. A long time rival and even in exhibition it should be intense.


Hey Everyone:
I just met with the Rock and they really like a Grey Cup/CFL night for the home opener. They are going to contact the Ticats ticket office and the Argo's and see if they will help get the word out. The hope is to have a the Grey Cup there and do a ceremonial face off.
I will keep you posted with anything I find out!