Here's a thought

West has been talked about all season, sheets got his job, but after watching him, the boy has good hands, maybe time to switch postions, make him a receiver, we need a 3rd go to guy , maybe it could be him, just a thought, what do you all think!??

I think it is ridiculous on enough levels that I am simply going to leave it at that.

How is it ridiculous, example, from Saskatoon, Wendal Clarke, started jr. hockey on def. Went to worlds, was place on offence, he stayed there the rest of his carreer. So why not West!!??

FML! Are you kidding me? Yes you are... ok good... Let's sit Dressler too

I think people might be mistaking what StormRider1 is saying, or I am, but I think he is saying that he wants West to play receiver, not that Sheets should play receiver and West should start at RB. Which while the former is probably not going to happen, it is a little less ridiculous than the latter.

Brandon is a running back. Not fast enough as a receiver.

He factors into Sundays game. If Riders can get two RB's in the backfield and motion them around their LB's have to move around. All that movement can cause guys problems.

Footing might be an issue on Sunday? RB's and receivers know where they are going. LB's and DB's don't. So if we can get a good matchup for Sheets and Brnadon against their LB's.............I believe the Riders will deploy this and make their LB's move.

Same goes for us. Stamps use Rob Cote very well as a receiver............especially against us. They will play the same game with our LB's. Cote and Cornish will be used to move our cover guys around............try to create a space to exploit.

It'll be nerve wracking I think. I predict a close game and lower scoring. Team to score north of 21 points wins the game.

I hope beyond hopes that Jock is actually ready to play on Sunday as when they used him before he got hurt he was a game changer for us. The combo of him and sheets is a deadly one.

LOL yes Sheets at RB and West as Reciever, when Jock is healthy, west will sit again as I to believe Jock was the missing piece. Jock has that postion sewn up with sheets, we are crying about the 3rd goto guy why not let West have a shoot, he hangs onto the ball unlike some others now playing as WR. Billy, you got it right !!

And mrt why sit Dressler, been our #1 goto guy for 5 years IMO!