Here's a running back that's available

The Dallas Cowboys elected not to re-sign free agent running back Tyson Thompson this season. For the past three years he's been a kick returner and backup RB. As far as I know, no NFL team has picked him up. He's a perfect fit for the CFL: superfast and he's got some size(6'1"/215 lbs.) When given a chance, he's done well for the Cowboys. Broke his leg last season and I guess he fell out of favor. Still, he's one hell of a ballplayer. He was also signed by Parcells, not Phillips, so probably not Phillips type of player. At any rate, the shape Winnipeg's in, they ought to give him a try.

I'm a huge fan of Blink and I believe he's still on top of his game but he's got to get in open field to do any damage. To do his thing, he's got to have a hole, or at least some kind of seam and he ain't gettin' any! His dobber's down right now, the line's collective dobbers are down; give somebody else a shot! Maybe somebody will block for a new RB.

You need an o-line to open holes for a running back, no matter who it is. Maybe Fred Reid could play fullback, but unless Roberts is injured, he should play the rest of the season.

Even with Obie Khan back, the o-line is leaking oil. Roberts may be doggin’ it to get Berry fired, but I still believe he is the best guy running the ball in the CFL. We’ll know that for sure by the end of the season.

It's really hard for me to believe Roberts is doggin' it. Seems like that's a surefire way to get severely injured. - I agree spidey, it probably doesn't matter who's back there running it, just thought a new RB might fire up the o-line.

I'd like to see a change at running back as well.

I don't believe Reid is the answer, but you never know. Roberts hasn't been running with the same reckless abandon since returning from his injury last year, I think his knee is a problem (just speculation.)

At this point, I'd give Nugent a try back there, he's big, fast and an NI and played the position in college. That way, you get Samuels into the secondary and go all imports.

You know PIGSEYE, you may be right about Roberts' knee. He hasn't looked the same since.

...Charlies knee looked fine on alot of the running plays this year....and he took some pretty good shots...IF you remember in the first game of the year he was flipped into the air and came down pretty hard on the side-lines...if he was suffering would have definitely shown-up on that play....but just like always, Blink got right back into the next series....No, i believe its something else with Roberts ...and what that is, could be anyones guess...With the o line getting healthy again, we'll be able to strike that off as an excuse for Chalies play...we'll just have to wait and see how things go against the Als..... :roll:

i think we gotta leave roberts in the backfield and change up something
weither it be working a different system or position set up with the oline or giving him a fullback. those to me would be the answer to the poor running game other then easily readible play calling.

only problem for me with a full back is what reciever would be pulled. because bryant is so far our best and top 5 in the cfl, armstrong and edwards are both playing well for what our season has been like, stegall just got back and looked pretty good for his first game back, and franklin has made some great plays for us so far. to me he would be the odd man out. but even still i much rather see him on the field then a fullback