Here's a fun business plan for the Renegades...

The Facts
There are 4015 registered users on this forum.
There are currently 2000 season tickets holders in Ottawa.

This is roughly 6000 people having a high level of interest for the CFL. Whether they like the Renegades or not is irrelevant to the fact that if they want a healthy league, they need all teams to be stable enough not to be bailed out by the others.

If the Renegades' owners want to call it quit and no other buyer is around, that'll mean the team will fold. The current owners would obviously prefer to sell with a loss than lose everything.

The Maths
If 6000 people put 666 in a bank account, that makes 4 000 000 available.

4 millions $ is way enough to buy something off someone who believe he will just lose it without getting anything in return.

4 millions is also enough to cover the yearly losses of a failing team (the Rens, with their shltty attendance, lost 3,8 M in 2005)

The Obvious Conclusion
Should 6000 fans commit to investing 666$ per year, they could own a football team.

The Renegades would then become the fourth community-owned team of the league. It would be managed by a board elected by its 6000 members. President of the board would act as governor.

Plus, as an incentive to invest 666 $, every investor could get a season ticket for the Renegades game. Frank Clair Stadium holds 28 8000, so giving 6000 tickets to the owners would not compromise the sale of 22 800 seats (which is way more than what they sell now).

I know not every one on this site would invest, but:

  1. All we'd need would be to meet the number 6000, no matter where the investors are found.
  2. Getting more than 6000 could lower the investment of each one.
  3. If someone wants to invest 1333$ to get two shares, or 2000$ to get three, that's as many people as we can afford to lose on the overall 6000.

Interesting Idea Id be up for that. could turn a small profit on this

If people pay 250$ in Montreal to get their name on a brick in front of Molson-Percival, I can't believe we wouldn't be able to find people paying 2½ that amount to own a team...

... especially if you pay 250$ for the brick, and another 250$ for your season ticket... you're already almost there...

Well, I'd like to see the franchise survive, and an idea like this may be what's needed. But I'm afraid you'll have to count me out. The $400 I pay for my two Ticat season tickets is all I can afford. $666 for a season ticket I wouldn't use...that's beyond my capacity.

Where is the option for ...

"Yes - anywhere but Ottawa"


T&T…we can applause you for trying…but this sounds like a desperate idea, that is done too late…

Sask.Riders already sell shares, and most of users here don’t even own one @ 250$ a piece.

If this “fundraiser” works, a lots of the law stuff will need to be worked out…having brought this idea over a year ago and have time to organize, I’m sure it could have get some interest, but now…not so sure…since we all got “strangled” by our team for our season ticket renewal lately.

Good idea Third.

I voted Yes with conditions. Only if Huey runs the team. :smiley:

anyone know how much it would cost to buy the team?....i wouldnt want to take on all the loses some other owner piled up b4 i got there....

if bernie glieb says $5 million in loses, he made that mess.

so minus bernie's $5 million in loses, how much do u think he'd sell for?...$4 million?

I don't know if I would want to own a team that has folded once, may fold a second time for the price of $666, sounds kind of scary to me, especially with that being the number you came up with.

lol... I could have said 670$, but 666 was funnier... Number of the Beast for a team that's been to Hell and back... errr... not quite back, now that I think of it...

That's an interesting idea Third. A massive campaign is needed to include a telethone, almost what happened in Regina years ago and to a point in Calgary. You have to get free TV and radio spots etc. Realistically it is something that may work over the winter months, but now less then two months before training camp???

third, wouldnt u rather see a montreal vs QC rivalry?

nice work Third...gotta keep the math muscle in tune.

Right now I would find it difficult to think that people would be lining up to buy this team. It's more good money after bad if they do. The biggest issue here is the serious lack of connection between the team and the community. Just about every other CFL team has figured that out, and if you look at all the most recent successes in the league (BC, Hamilton, Toronto) that is exactly what they have done. They have worked very hard to get their team connected to their community.

not a bad plan, I’m in.

Yes, I’d love a Mtl vs. Qc rivalry, but not at the cost of another team. I want the league to grow, not just to restructure.

Beside, I’m still buying 6/49 tickets evertime there’s a major jackpot, with the intent of spending it on a team in Halifax or Québec. That would rock.

I would invest $666/year for a CFL team. Do we all have a vote on how it is managed? Another idea for the CFL if Glieberman pulls out is to temporarily make the Renegades a road team like the Saints were last year. They could play each of their home games at the visiting teams stadium. For most cities, it would only be one more home game to sell and I am sure that the league would generate more money per game than it would in Ottawa. Any team that didn't want to host an extra game could have that game played in Ottawa.

Restructuring is often the way of the world dg, like it or lump it. We have seen it in all major league sports and in other business where such and such a business gets bought out by someone else, or just goes out of business altogether. Part of the evolutionary process.