Here ya go DG

Here is a screen shot of the PI call in the Tor Mtl game.
The highlighs of the sight are verry grainy but

You can see that the DB has his arm up in the air but is not looking back towards the ball. That is Pass Interferance.

I am trying to get a shot of his hand on the facemask but it is quite difficult to stop the play to get a capture but I will keep trying

cant see anything in this pic....try again...i dont know if this proves me right or u.

why would u even post this???? shows nothing

.....looks okay to me.....I can see pass interference there.....

It shows what I said
You cannot raise your arms to with out looking back towards the ball
Dont tell me you cant see it

i dont know where the ball is in this pic, is to blurry.

Doesnt really matter where the ball is, (well to a point)you can see the reciever does not have it so raising the arms is a no-no
I agree its blurry like I said it from the CFL.CA highlights buy I can see it's PI

i’ll have to watch the replay again…i never noticed if the argo turned his head back…i was watching for the head contact…but this picture shows nothing…its a still shot of an entire play in motion

Can you see that the Arm is up?
Can you see that his head is not turned back?
Pass Interferance!!!!

I think you have made up your mind and nothing will change it

You can tell from the body positioning of the two that the ball is almost there. Look at Watkins arms. His arms are up, and a receiver only puts the arms up to catch the ball at the last second. And if you look at the Argo player's feet, you can see they are both off the ground, suggesting that the defender is in the process of trying to disrupt the play, without his head turned. That is a lot more definitive than I thought it was, good job Ro.

Screening is pass interference..Nuff said its plain as day

Definitly pass interference !

Not even close, PI all the way on this one.