Here we go to Calgary! Let's totally KICK THE STAMPS ASS!!!

Who's going with me???

O.K. I'm with you on that, but in order to accomplish that feat we will have to play like we did today or maybe even better. Burris is no Bishop and I don't think Cagary will turn the ball over as much as Sask did. Play to our potential and keep the mistakes to a minimum and I like our chances. Be cheering you on Lions in Cowtown.... Go LIons Go!!! :rockin:

the forcast says rain for next sat in calagary , plus 3 at the highs the lows minus 3.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in that forecast. They can’t predict the weather one day in advance, let alone a week in advance. Besides, the weather can change very quickly in Calgary at any time. Hope it is wrong anyway, don’t really want to sit out in the rain all day. :expressionless: … but I will to cheer the LIons on!!! :wink:

Since Calgary has beaten BC in 3 games, Calgary should be favored to win. But underdogs tend to do surprisingly well in CFL playoffs. Unlike the NFL, home advantage is less important in CFL. Besides, BC is one of the best away teams. For years, BC as road underdogs often cover pointspreads in sports betting. Also big psychological edge for BC because Calgary should naturally be complacent. Based on all stars recognition, BC is the most talented team in league. But BC quarterbacking is underrated and Pierce's QB efficiency rating is close to that of Ricky Ray's. Despite being one of the best defenses, BC tends to underperform against Calgary but has the potential to play much better. After dominating Calgary this decade, BC is overdue to defeat Calgary and a shocking upset isn't impossible. Edmonton and BC are most improbable candidates in grey cup final, but anything can happen in playoffs lottery.

Excellent game Lions and fans. Congratulations on your win.The Lions deserve to be in the finals. Riders definitely need a bonafide quarterback!!!!!I had anticipated a holiday and nice road trip, so I have 4 tickets to the western final. There's NO WAY I COULD EVER CHEER FOR THE ARROGANT STUMPS> Their fans are already gloating, so I offer them to the Lions fans for any reasonable offer.

Your right , Regular season means nothing going into the playoffs. Only 5 teams out of the last 12 years that finished first in the West has gone onto the Grey Cup.

Hey, the Stamps pounded the Lions last game with their second and third stringers in...

that's reason to be confident? that's downright embarrassing

"Hey, the Stamps pounded the Lions last game with their second and third stringers in...
that's reason to be confident? that's downright embarrassing"

You forgot to consider the Burris Choke factor. This will be BC's game.

Odds are in our favor...we are ooowhoo and 3 against the Stamps. Stats say we are due.No one whips
you four games in a row in the CFL.
No pressure playing away, never has been, never will be..Boys step it up a notch on the road,
real men tell no secrets.
Stamps have a power QB, a power RB, a power or two receivers; if someone goes down, 2nd stringers steppin up in the playoffs, is different in steppin' up in a nothing game for the last game of the year.
My money is with the orange and black. and wally insert jj just to throw off the cowbyes a tad

I believe defensively we have to jam receivers as a lot of what they do is based on timing. We also need to pressure when they go to 5 and 6 receiver sets, blitzing from the outside.

Offensively, its about being patient and taking what they give us. Their linebackers do not match up well underneath, so the dump passes to the backs (like 2 weeks ago) should work. They are not as fast as Sask LBS.


In the end the Stamps will lose because of their extreme arrogance and showboating. They will be overconfident and although they are a good team, if the Lions come out breathing fire, they can take them.

As well, the Stamps fans are not as boisterous as the Riders group, so the Lions won't have to endure as much punishment in that area.

It will be a close game but I smell an upset.

The Stampeders beat the Lions three times this season - June 26 (BC 18 @ CGY 28), August 22nd (CGY 36 @ BC 19) and November 1 (BC 30 @ CGY 41) - that is a pretty heavy psychological hold in the positive for the Stampeders. They can say with confidence, “if the game comes down to the basics of good football execution, they should win for a fourth time this season.” On the other hand, it’s tough, very tough, to beat a team four times in one season, especially when the emotion of the game evens out the talent level. If I was Lions’ Wally Buono, that would be my message to my team, “four times in one season, impossible.” The Lions can win this game on emotion. They are physical on both the offensive and defensive line and very good at linebacker but Calgary is still the better team. The Stampeders are not going to turn the ball over seven times like the Roughriders did, with those types of opportunities the Lions should have blown out the Riders in the first half. Also, the Stamps ended the regular season with fewest points allowed and second in points scored. They have the CFL’s most productive receiver in Ken-Yon Rambo, the CFL’s most productive runner in Joffrey Reynolds and finished tied for number one in the regular season in Giveaway/Takeaway (+20) with the Lions. At the start of the season there was a concern about Henry Burris, it’s why the Stampeders brought in Dave Dickenson, but Burris has thrown 39 touchdown passes this season, second only to Anthony Calvillo’s 43 but Burris plays better competition in the West. Lions 27 - Stampeders 38

I Say He Is WRONG! :thdn:

LIONS Will WIN! :thup:

4 points off of 4 turnovers against sask.....wake up Lions fans! Your gonna have to play twice as good to even make this game respectable. your defence is good, but our offence is simply unstoppable. Stamps by 15

Big Dog, your team is more arragant than any team in the cfl including Calgary. With that said it is very, very hard for any team to beat the same team 4 times in a row. That I think puts the leo's a favoite to win, but it's going to be damm close.

Stampers 45
Lions 10

It's not that hard to beat a team 4 times in a row.

B.C. played an outstanding game against Saskatchewan despite not being able to score more than 7 points on 4 turn overs. Saskatchewan has an excellent defense and dodged the bullet several times but B.C. prevailed.

After BC's dismal performance against Calgary in the last game of the season I had my doubts about BC's chances but not anymore after how they beat Saskatchewan. Let's face it. Saskatchewan came unglued. It wasn't just Bishop. B.C. was psyched up and they will be psyched up for Calgary. Cleremont is back. Trying to tackle Logan is like trying to grab a 35 pound salmon wearing latex gloves. Smart is pumped. P. Jackson is now free to roam and do his usual damage. Calgary will need 2 guys to cover Cam Wake because he plays like he is possessed. This leaves Hunt to do his post sack " All Mine" ritual with supporting cast after he sacks Burris.

I'm hoping to see more from Geroy- who is always a threat- and we will! And let's remember Grice-Mullen and the damage he can do.

Calgary's defense will be trying to take out Pearce early so watch for dirty (oops "aggressive") play. Rambo will need to be stopped. I do not believe Burris can pick apart a defensive secondary the way Rick Ray can but I expect BC's secondary to be on top of its game more than ever.

I think Calgary should be scared...very scared. Mentally, they've been off for 2 weeks. Mentally, they figure that since they've beaten B.C. 3 times that it will be a cake walk. I wouldn't count on it! :rockin:

The Lions will win the west final by a score of 27-24.

I've been an avid follower of the BC Lions for the past 45 years, and will still be even though they lost.....
Why do the coaching staff always go with the one Quarterback, granted Buck is great, but, Jurius did a hell of alot for them to make it to the final.
Why didn't Buono give JJ a shot??? May have screwed Calgary up a bit by putting him in the game, or, alternating both.
We have one of the best, if not the best receiving cores and definitely the BEST "D". It sure would have been nice to play in the "Big One", instead of cleaning out lockers :frowning:
Hopefully we'll have a core group that remains/signs next season.
See you in 2009!