Here we go Brothas and Sistas!! Number 12 on Deck!!!

TSN confirms that Team 1040 leaked the info that Dickenson is the hombre who'll represent our corner. Apparently, Wally will make it official in the morning. Whoo! Still sweatin' after that announcement. Well, Buono in the past had made it known that Dave was #1 when he's healthy.

Don't worry Dave, we'll keep it quiet for you when the O revs up on field. :wink: Do us proud (even tho I thot a certain CP should start) and try not to eat so much turf, ok? It's not real grass. You are the man now, gunslinger!

...and as for Casey... you think he'd want to start at tailback? Yes, I still believe in the wishbone!!! LOOO have mercy!!!

Okay. So now that we know that Dave is the starter, anyone out there feel relieved?

The thing that I'm relieved about is that now the starting QB gets the notice way in advance. I hated the ol' "wait till the last second" QB decision that Wally would make before the game. So mysterious... the supense... the drama...oooohhh...

Now at least the Dave knows he's the guy and can prepare for the game instead of crossing his fingers and hoping that Wally thinks that he's the one that can win. No distractions, ya know?

Maybe this will bring an end to the "quarterback controversy"?

dave is better then casery, good move by buono,

Oh yeah... who's the better field goal kicker? McLoughlin or O'Mahony?

According to Brook Ward on Team 1040, number 7 is gonna do punting and fieldgoals. McLoughlin's still out with the leg injury apparently...

I seriously hope I heard that wrong, but if not: quick! Someone call Mr. Miyagi...

You heard right. McLoughlin still has the pulled groin or hamstring.

Great :cry: I can see it now, down by 2, 30 yard field goal and O'Missy hits it wide left.

lol.. tht why ur team sucks

Our guys suck? Did you just say suck?

This comin' from a guy that wants to ride fairies all the way to BC place. :wink:

Great call by wally!

And doesn't like Pam Anderson..... :wink: