Here we go Bombers, here we go! (clap, clap)

I think that should be our cheer for tonight.
Even though they've already won the season series against the Cats and a win tonight would put them just a game back, it would also leave HAM just a game back of TOR and there's still a chance of winning that season series and still a chance of finishing 2nd. And of course, it's never hard to root against the Ar..............

The Bombers have a good chance tonight, they are at home and the Argos are playing without Ricky Ray.

I agree, but for some funny reason the Argos play well in Winnipeg, beat us with cleo Lemon. Maybe it,s the fact there is actually fans making real noise and care whats going on the field !

I will always hate the arghblows... but the last few years I have really grown to hate the Bummers as well. For sure it was capped by that whole "swaggerville" BS. I mean really, who picks their own nickname? I hope this game is a street fight with lost of knockout punches.

I dunno. I think the Bombers are on their way to clinching the final East playoff spot.

-they own the season series vs Cats
-their soul and leader,Buck,is back
-Cats would need to win 4 of last 5 games just to get to .500, and we have seen how they do after a big win like Friday's

Maybe BOTH the Argos and Bombers will lose tonight!

I think the true Bummer team is eloquently being displayed tonight.... they are just plain AWFUL!

No way they make the playoffs... even in a High School league

Don't look now ... but this so-called "high school" team is about to make it REAL interesting.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while

Even if this FG is made ... I'll be looking for these blind squirrels to put up a fight in the second half.

Still standing by that statement?

Pierce's absence doesn't help ... but, I guess I ought to face reality ... this team is $hit ... how in the name of Ben Zambiasi have we lost to this outfit - twice no less ?


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Horne with the dagger INT.

Yes, that is a five-turnover team you’ve been pumping up, Cuthbert and Suitor! Ugly.

I have been routing for the ARGOS to win this game , because a win by the ARGOS pretty well alliminates the
bombers from the play-offs.

how with the bombers out , I feel confedent we will be in the play-offs. :thup: :thup:

What is it with this crush that TSN has for the Bombers? During the Cats game half-time segment, they predicted that Winnipeg would make the playoffs.

It's not necessarily just The Bummers..It's seems that TSN ,because they are trying to sell a CFL property they put on the air,simply HAVE to put on a positive spin on something that clearly does'nt deserve it...

Noticed that too. Very unusual, I thought, for the 3 guys, Dunnigan, Schultz and Stegall, all to agree when most often there is a deliberate opposing opinion put into the mix in those panel discussions. It was also a pretty bold unanimous opinion when WPG, at that time, was 2 games back of HAM and EDM and HAM was leading their game vs. MTL by 17.

Schultz always has a problem when he is being disagreed with on the panel. Milt's opinion is valid IMO.

Wait until they get Big Browner The Shower Man on the TSN panel we'll be surrounded by X Bummers. :thdn: