Here We Go Again

Hello All,

I am a seson ticket holder in section 8 and frankly I got a few things off my chest about the team. First of all, I think Greg did a great job in the organization but frankly the one to blame on this is the OC cause you will not win if you do hitch passes all the time. Second, RONNY LANCASTER!!! OMG are we that desperate, I believe now we will go 3 and 15 this year if not worst. I think it is a mistake and I am ashamed to be a Fan of the Ticats. Thridly, Next Game is the BIG one and frankly if the team does not improve.... I will not be a season ticket holder for long cause I feel we have done nothing to bring entertainment to the stadium other than dogs and halftime shows.

Thank You Guys and Good Luck cause we are going to need it