Here We Go Again!!!

A Great opportunity to Win a Game in Guelph for the Tiger-Cats and the team pulls off another loss?? This team is the only CFL team without a Win and the way they are playing it could be some time before they get one.

The receivers stunk for the Cats, you shouldn't have to rely on one player Fantuz, who was injured he should have been replaced by an equally qualified player but Not even close and Sam G stunk as well, I thought this guy is supposed to have good speed to run routes?? No not today, Edmonton won and played a much better game just like Toronto last week!! It's going to a long season as a Cat fan again??

Yes..It's going to be a long season...6 and 12 will be a miracle this year...

Just back from the wet T-shirt show at the University of Guelph.

Still reserving my judgement on the Austin era until Labour Day, but I sure know which way I am leaning!

As for the Alumni Stadium experience, my compliments to the TiCats organization, the Guelph Police, and Campus Police. In spite of the weather, every person was most polite and helpful. The traffic was managed well. One concern: need better sound system for the east bleachers. Could not hear stadium announcer very well.

See y'all next week!

When I used to attend games at Ivor Wynne, their sound system was way too loud, annoying and distracting. Now, according to a couple of people who have commented here, you can't even hear it on one side of the Guelph stadium. Do these things ever get checked or tested? Perhaps, they need an audio technician who can actually hear.