here we go again!!

well, another top player GONE!..

so much for trying to keep Baggs!

now we have to find 2 top quality Rush ends!

what's next??

Lapolice going to the Bombers as head coach.

Holy Cow

We lose our 2 defense ends to the NFL
Gm is gone, enter Taman
OC is gone
Our O line coach is gone


Guess this is a compliment of our team having good guys with skills but

Taman better get long term deals with Dressler and Durant asap

We shouldnt be over the cap at this rate

it's a joke.

why doesn't this happen to teams like Edmonton and Calgary? or Montreal??

it does.....BC has been decimated.

The price of success. Each year the Riders lose key personel..Kent Austin, Eric Tillman, LaPolice, last years entire staring LB core, but yet some how, everything falls into place & the team is always a contender.

This year will be no different.

I seriously hope you're right!!

My Als have lost many players to other teams or the NFL over the years. Our coaching system has been a feeder for the rest of the league for quite some time (Berry, Strasser, Barker, Jones).

It happens to every team. It just so happens that the Riders are particularly hard hit this year. Also, Tilllman's sexual transgressions aren't something anyone could have predicted.