Here We Go Again

Toronto is a better team with an improved guys did some good things....hang in there..

All play calling dude. You should know its the calls when you have a 6'5" WR running 10 yard curl routes.

I guess it's ok to blatently trip someone in the open field and not draw a flag

Their defence should also get a more consistent pass rush with the change to a 4-3 and a younger unit as a whole.

Yes, the Cats are 0-1, not 0-11. It is discouraging, but some perspective is welcome by folks on this board.

Oski Wee Wee,

at least we won the challenge :smiley:

The defense couldn't stop the run.

It took about a quarter and a half to finally get some pressure.

We were able to limit the Argos passing attack.

On offense, the play calling was terrible. Early in the game, it was 2nd and 9 or 8 or 7 and we call a draw play. How stupid is that? You need the guy to run 12 yards to get a first down? I don't get it. What about going down field once in a while!

well, that's what you get when you hurry up and take the interim tag off a head coach without looking elsewhere first...everyone who knows a little more than the average joe cfl follower knows that MB is known for being predictable, it's not porter. fordy and that pisstank black were even sayin' it. drop back, pass...drop back, pass.when belli is beating the ball to the qb, you got problems. p-rod gets his only significant touch in the fourth? way to outsmart the inexperienced coach in andrus there MB!... i'd rather have his problems than have MB'S problems right now-at least the qb looked good and the offence rolled for the double blue. buckle yourselves in and keep your arms and hands inside the vee-hicle folks!
lord have mercy on you suffering facepainters from steeltown.

Sigpig: The ticats are doing everything they can to lose fans. I don't think they need your help telling fans on the board to go away.

8) How right you are sir !!!!!

It's brilliant when it works. :wink:

And it actually does pay some dividends in the long run, because it helps keep the defense honest on future second and longs instead of just pinning their ears back.

I could not agree more and I was 10 yards on sideline for this. It took all my displine and will power not to run on field and slap the ref.

And the AWARD for most AMBIGUOUS thread title goes to ...

But you ar CORRECT ... Between the PHANTOM Roughing the Passer penalty, and the missed BLATANT Tripping call ... I, too, had to REMIND myself that my children needed their father and that JAIL time for assault and battery would not be cool.


One of the weaker teams in the league? I don't think so. From what I have seen of the Blue team they will be contenders this year. They look to me like they are very well coached and they are also fired up. Our only hope for a playoff spot this year could be if Winnipeg turns out to be shaky.
I think we have potential but the other teams are way ahead of us in development.

And apparently their solution is to not let the team gel by getting an even younger team the season afterwards.

The argos didn't look like anything special last night, we just sucked. they ran the ball and we couldn't stop it...

After years of putting a bad product on the field (including last year), one would think that there would have been a real sense of urgency to put on a great show in front of the home crowd for the home opener. But the Cats were never in this one, and really lacked creativity and passion. As a fan, I was very disappointed in the effort of the players and coaches.

Sidebar: did we even have LB's on the field last night? And if we did, who taught them how to stop the run?

Disgraceful. It was over in the first 20 minutes. ( 20 - 0 Argos )
Don't give me : new coaches, new players, new systems, it takes time to gel.
All the teams are trying new people .

I'd call this a coaching failure.

Well i predict that the next coaching staff will be all from the US without any CFL experience. Seems to coaches new attitudes new ideas as opposed to recycling the same old hacks from one team to another. :rockin:

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:thup: 0-2 next week