Here We Go Again

Are we going to go through another season with bad officiating? The Argos started the fight but as usual, the Tabbies came off worse. Time we got some better officials.

Delta Queen

Looks like a long year folks, I have only watched the first quarter and from what I can see we have no improvment. The defense is just standing around watching people go by them. When the put pressure on the QB, it is because they are offside. No rush, no agressive tackling, open receivers. How can this team be so bad to start off. They should be pumped up to play. The Hamilton Spec coverage needs to be more critical and really point out the weakness of the players we have. When will we bring in some fresh new guys that actually meet the hype they are given by the press.

The Ti-cats are my 2nd fave team, was hoping for a new approach. Looks like not to be in Game 1, they are taking an old fashioned whipping. Long season tho, hang in there!

And if George Hamilton went out on Hallowe'en dressed up as Count Dracula he'd look just like Bart Andrus!

Yikes! Nice plugs & dye job!

He looks like an out-of-work 'Vegas magician!

This team needs a LOT of work.
Missed tackles in the backfield all through the first half.
The D line is letting everyone through.
The offence shows no imagination whatsoever.
The Blue team came ready to play. We are just not getting anything done right.
This game is over already.

Sadly, the out of work Vegas magician's team is kicking the crap out of our team right now. I don't care how he looks, he's right now better than Marcel.

American coaches (1st year)seem to do well with other teams yet the cats can't do anything with CFL experience. Out coached and unprepared...Again.

Yeah... some big penalties have really been helping the Argo's out.


"Here we go again" seems to also refer to the Ticats swiss cheese defence in the 1st Quarter and Hage just suckin!

Same garbage...different year.

These guys wear all that body armour so when a few guys are bumping around after the play, just get in there , break it up and get on with the game. As for that particular play, the argo grabbed the face mask and threw the guy around. Obviously a foul. That was all that needed to be called, besides the hamilton offside called previously

Bit more life in the second quarter but not nearly enough.
Porter, Caulley, Stala, occasionally the secondary and special team look like they came to play but overall the O line and D line are not effective.
The tackling is weak…at one point in the second quarter (the play with the face mask call) two Tiger Cat defenders were on the ball carrier and he still ran through them.
One more gripe. We had time for two plays before half time and what do we do? Two running plays to finish off the clock.What a waste of two plays. Why not have Porter air it out? Rodriguez
can do it…this would have been a great time to test the Blue team secondary deep down the field. We have not done it so far in the game. We are being way too conservative in the play calling.Penalties are killing us too.
We can’t afford to take 2 or 3 games to get things together.

I've said it before...I'll say it again.

The Cats will go as far as their QBing will take them.

92 yds in a half is not very good....Porter has to get a lot better really quick...


Please fire Obie, this guy is a fraud. He's been selling us on new team after new team. Overturning the roster year after year, coach after coach. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I am done, I'm not putting another cent into the Ti-Cats until that stiff is fired. :rockin:

If you are done, then kindly leave this board. EVERY comment you have made has been negative.

"they are a young team, and need time to gel" (2005)
"they are a young team, and need time to gel" (2006)
"they are a young team, and need time to gel" (2007)
"they are a young team, and need time to gel" (2008)
"they are a young team, and need time to gel" (2009)

Jell* LMAO This team is mired in a sea of hair gel almost every first quarter. :slight_smile:

very discouraging…its not like the argos are a powerhouse, we just got wiped ny one of the weaker teams in the league…in our house!

im afraid its gonna be a another looooooooong season

All I will say is in my books the Ti Cats are 0 an 3 so far in 2009 :frowning:

another very loooooooong losing sesin is upon us!

very very discouraging!!!!!!!!!