You knew this was coming and it would appear TW will be toast. Although there is plenty of blame to go around, the BOC(since renamed the board of clowns) and TW took in the Gleiberguys last year when there was noone else left in Ottawa.
Regardless of the mistake and which TW accepted on himself, he is still seen as the voice of reason and stability for the league. Doing many more positive things for the league such as mega sponsorship $. If this happens, yet again the league will be seen as a laughing stock that it is and take more steps backwards.
Plus, who in their right(no pun intended) mind would take on this job and work with these idiots.
Here is the latest Globe article.

Wright's days appear numbered

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Ottawa � Concerned a year ago about a public backlash if they fired commissioner Tom Wright, Canadian Football League governors are nearly unanimous in believing the league now requires new leadership.

Wright's future, already being discussed informally among governors, is expected to be determined when the league holds its annual meeting in May.

The meeting was originally scheduled for April, but was postponed to next month because of the Ottawa Renegades' recent collapse.

Among the options before the governors are to fire Wright, ask for his resignation or allow his term to run out at the end of this coming season.

According to multiple CFL sources, there is no chance Wright will be offered a second contract extension. A year ago, Wright narrowly survived a challenge to his leadership when governors voted 6-2-1 in favour of granting him a one-year extension, which included a six-month payout for termination.

Though the measure was hardly a vote of confidence, it represented an improvement over the original contract extension offer � a one-year deal with a one-month termination clause, which Wright rejected. His current extension also includes an eight-week payout if he resigns.

Some believed last spring that it was in Wright's interest to step down, given his weak support among the board and the unstable situation in Ottawa, where an ownership crisis remained unresolved.

Wright, however, chose to stay on, ushering in Bernie Glieberman as the Renegades' new owner in a deal that included a $1-million payout to one of the club's original owners. He also was successful this past winter at getting governors to accept a salary management system, which is to be implemented for the 2007 season.

Despite success on that front, there were considerable doubts whether Wright's contract would be extended again this spring, even before the Renegades' situation erupted. Many governors feel strongly that the likeable Wright is simply not suited to the commissioner's role. And they are upset that initiatives such as the Touchdown Atlantic game for Halifax were given priority over stabilizing the league's weaker franchises, including Ottawa.

A year ago, many clubs were worried the league would look bad if it fired a commissioner whom fans and sponsors liked, at a time the CFL appeared to be prospering.

However, with Wright receiving much of the public blame for the Renegades' fiasco, governors are no longer constrained by public perception should they push Wright out.

In fact, some governors were apparently content to watch Wright struggle to resolve the Ottawa crisis, knowing he might seal his fate in the process.

Wright's record in dealing with Ottawa certainly leaves the governors plenty of room to second-guess.

Despite evidence that the franchise was headed into steep decline, the league offered Glieberman a unanimous show of support during a meeting before last year's Grey Cup game.

The franchise continued adrift until mid-March, when Glieberman informed the league he would not fund the team through the 2006 season. Wright, who was on vacation in the Dominican Republic at the time, stated afterward that he was previously unaware of an ownership crisis in Ottawa.

Wright took over as the commissioner the day before the 2003 Grey Cup game in Edmonton, 20 months after the CFL fired its previous commissioner, Michael Lysko. During his 16 months in office, Lysko had helped dig the league out of debt, partly by selling an expansion franchise in Ottawa for $4-million. However, his active management style did not sit well with some governors.

Under Wright, the CFL had its Toronto and Hamilton franchises both sink into insolvency during his first year on the job. However, when credible new owners surfaced for those franchises, Wright received much of the credit and was viewed in a favourable light by fans, sponsors and many media members.

Behind the scenes, however, Wright struggled to earn the respect of many governors who felt he lacked a strong enough vision for the league's future.

I think that when Tom Wright received only a 1 year extension he knew then his days were numbered. I also think he'd decided that the 1 year will be it and that he won't accept any new contract from the CFL. Its a shame because I think he's done a good job for the CFL. I don't think he can be solely blamed for what has gone on in Ottawa. I think the govenors are also to blame in that they also allowed the Gleiberman's to return to the league. If I were in a position of power in the CFL, I'd have voted to fold the Ottawa franchise last season instead of allowing the Gleiberman's a 3rd attempt at running a CFL franchise. We'd atleast be 1 year ahead of where we are right now in finding a new ownership group for Ottawa.


He ignored the Ottawa ownership problems going back to the Grey Cup in 2004. His friendship with Kimsea clouded his judgement and he hesitated in stepping in. This left the CFL no choice but to accept the Glibberman family back in at the last minute. Had TW done his job properly and stepped in back in January 2005 at the latest, there would have been plenty of time to look for a better owner.

Can his sorry ass.

You are presuming how the decision was Tom's all along. The BOC(board of Clowns) ultimately vote on same and decided to accept the Gleiberguys. Remember there was no one else after the previous Waters group cashed in on the Grey Cup for nearly $4M and bailed.

Wright is done as CFL commish, which wil be another bad pr move for the league. Im in favour of firing him, but they should find somene to replace him first.

What some people seem to forget including the nay sayers is how the position which includes TW is one that must include great marketing skills. To be in touch with the power brokers of other major companies and to include Toronto's Bay street advertising crowd. A position which Tom held with Addidas Canada. Hence, the unbelievable increase in sponsorship $ during his tenure.
If the BOC want a puppet clown who has no contacts or clout, this will quickly equal much less revenue for the league and teams.
For a league which wants to move towards more television and ad/sponsorship revenue instead of the previous "ticket driven" crisis scenario, this threat of getting rid of Tom will bring back crisis management yet again.

No way should Tom Wright take all the blame for this, nor should he be fired. Look at where the League's gone under his ownership. 8 strong cities, 3 cities turned around (4 if you include Calgary), serious talk of expansion ... Wright will take the blame for the Renegades situation, since he's the figurehead, but he shouldn't lose his job over this. It's not his fault. If the damned governors were smart, and if they'd think of something other than their own interests, then they'd realize that Wright has done MUCH more good than harm to the CFL.

....I hope thet DON'T fire Wright....his accomplishments ...far out-weigh the negatives in his term as commissioner....the Board of Governors also were part of the decision making process....Should they all be fired as well....This is a highly regressive move and one the CFL could end up regretting for a long time....Hang in there Tom.. :arrow:

I've always felt that Wright is a competent person and a competent leader for the CFL. Losing him would be bad. If they plan on cutting him loose then I would suggest they search very hard for a top rate replacement.

I wonder what that Tagliabue guy is doing? THAT would be interesting to see what he could accomplish. heh.

It seems to me that the BOC really do not want the league to flurish. At least that's how their decisions seem to be aimed.

Here's a speculative conspiracy theory to wonder about:

It seems the two main opponents to TW are the head gurus in B.C. and Montreal, who happen to be two of the three biggest cities in the country. What's not to say they don't have a hidden agenda to put their needs in the forefront; thus, killing off the league slowly. When all is said and done, these egomaniacs morph into Paul Godfrey-like idiots and bolt the Lions (which will have to change their name..maybe), and the Als into the 34th and 35th NFL franchises (behind the obvious choice in Los Angeles)?

Just a thought...

An interesting conspiracy theory, but not realistic.

Franchises situated in Canada can not compete with the franchises situated in the USA in the major sports except for hockey. Vancouver lost its NBA team, the Toronto Raptors suck, Montreal lost its baseball team, the BlueJays survive but don't draw large crowds except for opening day.

There won't be any NFL franchises in Canada as long as LA is without a team and small market teams like Jacksonville don't sell out their games.


And if it weren't for the new salary cap, or intense hockey atmosphere in Canada (which I honestly think makes a big difference on players - how else can you explain Canadian teams being successful with so much less money?) - I'd say NHL teams wouldn't be able to survive in Canada eitehr ... that is, the only reason they're surviving is because hockey is a religion up here. The new salary cap just helps that.

Does it surprise anyone that Rob the ti-cat likes Wright? being that Wright allowed that scam of a trade between Edm and Hamilton. He should be canned for that let alone the demise of the Rens!!

Good conspiracy theory, but it wouldn't fly. NFL wouldn't last long (If ever)in Vancouver.