Here we go again - Lions and Cats

Looks like a familiar routine for the Cats. Not really expecting this game to be close from the effort I see put out on the field. Problems I see with the Cats include:

Taking dumb penalties at crucial times allowing the other team to maintain possession and go on to score a TD

Linebackers overrunning plays allowing the running back to cut inside for big gains.

Defensive players taking bad angles to the ball carrier.

Essentially playing loose prevent style defense with the db's

Blitz package, yep, 7 men on line and db's the closest one, 9 yards off the line of scrimmage.

The offense making mistakes, offside to negate a TD.

Burris slinging his passes high, putting receiver in vulnerable position and risk interceptions on deflections.

Colborne while a good utility back is beyond able to break the big one.

When is this team going to quit making excuses before the game, viz injury reports and the need to make all kinds of adjustments. These guys need to step it up and play. The coaches need to come up with schemes that work not the same old same old they have been using.

NO Knowlton, NO Johnson, NO Peguese?! WE NO WIN that simple this Creehan D can't function and doesn't have a chance without these guys :roll: OB should have brought in more guys from NFL cuts ?H

Obie should retire and Mr. Mitchell given his walking papers...

Peguese is playing, he's been offside twice.

I totally agree with you on that. This team just lacks basic talent. Not to mention that the coaching staff does not have these guys prepared to play.

Obie should have brought in way more talent then he has. We need a more modern GM and one that has some good contacts in the US so that we can actually get some talent.