Here we go again! heh

I had a feeling this would happen. Just 8 minutes into the Saints-Cards game, and it's 14-7 for New Orleans. Gonna be another wild one! :smiley:

Guess I was wrong. Its been all New Orleans for three quarters. This game sucks! :roll: much longer until the Colts game?

Saints far the better team on this day, that's for sure. Hopefully tonight's game will be a closer one.

I don't watch, but it seams last week game between the Packers and what Arizona was the best game of the playoffs like a CFL game.
The rest including the Super Snore will be anti climatic.

Since you apparently know the future , can you tell me who will win the rest of the games and the scores of those games ?

Colts over the Jets. Colts over the Saints. :wink:

vikings over the jets