Here we come Toronto!!!!...whos heading down

I know its just a preseason game, but I'm PUMPED to head up to the T-Dot with my buddies to see this game. We'll be buying the cheatest seats we can...$18 i think, of course we'll move down once everyone gets settled in.

So who else is heading to Toronto this Friday the 9th. Lets support our team...turn that place black and gold..and get loud for those ticats.

I cant wait...who else is ready?

pre-season means nothing to me.

but i have my tickets for the june 17th game and the june 24th game.

i'll cheer on the argos in the first game and the ticats in the second game....i think?..sometimes its fun to cheer the visiting teams.

whos side ru on drummer god

im on CFL's side.....i dont have a favorite team.

i'm 99% sure i'll cheer the ti-cats on thier home opener, cuz im excited about thier season....

in toronto, im 50-50, cuz im excited for both.

where r u from? i have a soft spot for both teams, as i go to both places often.

altho, had lumsden still been on the team, i woulda owned a ti-cat lumsden jersey right now.

Lumsden is still with the team.
He is playing in the states but he still belongs with the team.

I'll be there.

steel city how easy is it to just move like that i havent been there for a football game in the longest time but i thought u couldnt change levels or somthing if u didnt have a tic to be on that level.

I found myself feeling pumped up today ,woaah,it's here YA!!!

I will be there as well. I found out tonight that the Oshawa Hawkeyes are selling tickets for the 50/50 draw Friday night so I will be at the entrance behind the Ti-Cat bench selling the tickets and cheering for a Hamilton victory.

I hope to see all the Ti-Cat fans Friday night.

I will be there on the 17th. I was going to go on friday but figured the 17th would be a better game. Nonetheless Go Cats Go on friday and I will be listening on 900 for sure.

drumming can u say ur a fan of the CFL but you dont want to attended a game becasue its preseason....its an argos vs ticat game..i dont care what time of the season it is..i love it

I'm going. Should be good.

cuz the tickets for the 17th are the same price...i would ratehr pay $65 for tickets on the 17th, when they count for something, then a pre-season game.

is the preseason game being broadcast on the radio?

why would you have to put out the big bucks for the preseason game...$18 sounds good to me...

true...i was thinkin about it earlier. the excitment of the season it too much to bear and i might not beable to wait until june 17th.

Hey D G,

Long time no chat. The game this friday is being broadcast on CHML 900. I can't wait for football to start but I can wait til June 9th to see a preseason game that will have a little more at stake with only being 8 days away from season official opening which is why I decided to go to the Argo home opener when Hamilton comes to town because the June 9 game will be more competitive because the final roster cut down is June 10th as someone else pointed out in a thread tonight and then having the rematch so to speak on the 17th will be awesome.

thanks...i'm gonna have to listen in...u made good points about the pre-season games.

im kinda worried, if i go to a pre-season game, it'll ruin some of the 'first game of the season' feeling on june 17th....i dont wanna feel like 'ive seen this already'....if that makes sense.

Drummer god....come on, it's time to make a choice, man, and there's no better time to sign on to the Ti-Cat nation than right now. Would you cheer for the Christians AND the Lions? Ginger and Mary Ann? Good and evil? Regis and Kathy Lee? Take a stand, lad, before it's too late. No more testing the wind each morning to determine what you believe. What's next? "When they roll their socks up, I'm an Argo fan, but when they roll 'em down, I'm partial to Hamilton?" This is heresy. This is a fundamental question every man must come to terms with in his life. Search your heart; we're sure it's made of gold (and black). :wink: