Here somthing I Saw on TV Tonight. Got me thinking

A Team of German Researchers
Have Said High Stakes Sporting Evens Can be Harder on the Fans then The Players.
Acording to the Researchers
The Sporting Event may cause Same Stress Equal to Earth Quakes and Fires
This Cause Some to have Heart Attacks.

They Suggest if it gets too Stressful
Take a Time out walk away
Take a Breath and Try to relax.

May We should add Defibrillators to all Entryways in the stadium
It may save Someone life

i believe it

I get more stressed out at the beer lines and bathroom lines than the actual event. Then after I visit the beer line enough times the stress seems to go away.

Ticats could use suicide prevention counselors set up at special booths for fans.

Hmmmmm. Could the lack of suicide councillers explain the drop in attendance?

I'm way beyond getting stressed out over sports. More than enough life events to stress me out.

Yah thats because sometimes the fans care more then the players do!