Here`s where we stand recap

Joseph is now 0-2 on the season. He has ZERO TD passes, he has been sacked 5 times, fumbled once and knocked down...A LOT.

Yes he had one nice drive early in the 4th qtr. We would be 2-0 If Bishop had started.

We most certainly would be 2-0 if Joseph had not been brought in.

I guess the 2 qb system is over? Adrian Smith must have got it right, Stubler was ordered to go with Joseph and probably was told not to put Bishop in at all.

Pinball is "THE POWERS THAT BE" that Adrian Smith refered to, and I guess he is calling all the shots.

Next thing we will hear is that Kerry Joseph is the undisputed starter and the SO CALLED 2 system experiment is over.

I am glad that Hamilton got the monkey off it`s back!!! If Bishop had started they would be 0-2 and probably would have fired Taffee and made all sorts of changes.

Joseph is 1-1 as a starter. What makes you think Pinball is the “powers that be” as you say :slight_smile: Why should we believe Adrian?

Ya think so? Tell I guess Bishop would've stopped Lumsden then? Bishop's had ample time to earn the starting job in TO. He's never been able to do it. I'm actually surprised he's still on the roster.

LOL, of course he would. Bruce would have caught Bishop’s throw too and not dropped it like Joseph’s. Bish would then kick FG’s and return kicks, he would do it all because he is the greatest QB the CFL has seen since Flutie. I mean, I have never seen someone overthrow a reciever quite like Bish, what an arm! Instead of punting, he usually uses his a amazing arm to throw a deep interception instead, saving our kickers legs. Judging by the high powered, high scoring, under 20 points a game offence last year, I have no clue why we brought in a new QB.

I can’t wait to order my authentic jersey of the best backup in the league and eat my new cereal, Bishop Flakes!!! Whoo hooo, it’s like 1998 all over again! Flu,no wait, Bishop, Bishop, Bishop!

bishop stinks....retire him

You could see Bishop chomping at the bit on the sidelines. I would have put him in just to take the pressure off Joseph. Let Bishop have some tosses, play a few series, get the confidence up. Joseph still needs to take the bull by the horns a bit. You can't just hand him the job if he isn't performing. I still think some of the blame lies with the linemen. No protection for scrambling.

Is Bishop a number one guy...not at this point in his career and I don't know if we will ever see him as a starter again!?

Is Bishop a number one guy...not at this point in his career and I don't know if we will ever see him as a starter again!?................


Joseph performed fine. He started off slow, sure. But you don't eleviate that by sitting him down. He has to find his rhythm and he was finding it. The point in the game where it turned dire for the Argos was Bruce getting the ball stripped. Joseph was moving the ball well that drive, but Gordon made a big play. Who am I to say, but I think it's a huge mistake on Stubler's part to constantly have the devil on his qb's shoulder. Having the pressure on you is part of being the starting qb. Even Bishop was angry about the hook being ready, despite that it would've gotten him playing time. He said in his interview that he wishes they'd just name a starter because mentally you can never get comfortable as it is right now.

Bishop should start, and Joseph should have to actually win the job from him, but that is not going to happen. Should Bishop ever get the call he is at a great disadvantage because the premadona gets most of the reps in practice.

The only starting Bishop is doing now is his car, right outta hog town!

There is nothing wrong with the Argos that dumping Stubler wouldn't fix. This guy is a disaster and the Argos have become a team in turmoil under this bozo's lack of leadership. I think that Pinball might be the answer to finish the season. He has to be removed or Argos could be looking to fight for the basement.

Shiet for brains, I would not go that far, but Pinball has been the problem.

Deal Pinball and Joseph to the CFL Schooners