Here`s a guy I can root for

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Thank YOU for posting that :thup:

The Argos still haven't played a complete game yet. In my humble opinion.
It is getting closer.

What a battle between Montreal Vs. Winnipeg Vs. Hamilton Vs. Toronto :thup:

ONLY IN THE CFL ... Can you have an 8 team league and still blow people's mind away. :rockin:

With much worst odds and our backs up against the wall , many times , the CFL has survived.

HAPPY 100th Anniversary of the GREY CUP and the CFL's , 100th regular season. :cowboy:

A Canadian tradition worth ENJOYING and SUPPORTING :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Waters is just what the doctor ordered for the Argos. He'll be around for a while. He might even make it to the show.

The article suggest that his stay may be short lived do to his import status but Toronto is committed to having 5 non imports on the offensive line which gives them the flexibility to carrier a import K. It does not mean that they do not have faith in their non imports at other position though. even thouf the requirement is ony 7 non imports to start the Argos start 8 at this point one of them being a top SB in Durie who has made the transition from RB. he is well on his way to a 1,000 yar season with over 30 catches for nearly 400 yards after 5 games.
I really like the way Toronto has turned things around. You can see that they had a well thought out plan and were ready to make changes when needed.

Starting five non-imports on the o-line has no bearing on whether a team can go with an import kicker. Kickers don't count towards the starter count. All having an import kicker does is reduce the number of import backups / special team players a team can dress by one. Not nearly as critical as some people make it out to be. If an import kicker is significantly better than any available non-import kicker, a team may feel he's worth taking one of the three DI spots. Hamilton and Toronto both did it with Medlock; if Waters continues to play like he has, Toronto may just decide to keep him.

well anyway... forget it...